Friday, February 27, 2009

A Young Author

This little girl loves school. You know...minus the waking up part in the morning. My sister says dirty words to me b/c of how effortless it is to do homework with her. She just seems to know most of her sight words from the time they send new ones home with her. She reads very well which means that we have been caught a few times b/c sometimes we still spell stuff in front of her....well duh, she has us figured out and knows exactly what we are spelling. But her great accomplishment lately has been getting her picture in our local paper (sorry I couldn't find it online) for coming in third place in a writing contest at school. By third place I mean she was third out of 90 kids! They labeled the picture Young Authors! She said it was a story about Tegan but we have yet to see it and she says she can't remember what all she wrote. I am so proud of her!!!

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