Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Tuesday...

So I hope everyone in blogland is doing well. I have been out of commission lately, hints the reason I didn't do a not me Monday post...which I do religiously. I haven't been feeling well with some intestinal thing so yesterday I spent my whole day between dr.'s office and having a gallbladder ultrasound to find out if I was dieing. Well the dieing part hasn't been confirmed yet but the gallbladder scan was fine. So the theory of the Dr. (and no mom I don't mean me) is that it is either a stomach ulcer or some sort of bacterial infection that comes from food and just doesn't won't to leave. I've been miserable! On top of that they say I can't take anything for a headache b/c if it is an ulcer it can aggravate it so by the time I got out of the dr.'s and got my first bite of food at almost 3:00 pm yesterday I had a really bad headache and had to live with it the rest of the day. Of course it was made worse just by the fact that I couldn't take anything but you get the point. Anyways I just wanted to let everyone know where I have been. Not that you care:)

Don't worry...Tegan is still eating, it's just me who can't eat!

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  1. We care!!!!! And we hope you get well soon.

    That little man is getting SO big! :)