Friday, November 28, 2008

Short and Sweet!

We had a great Thanksgiving. Rylee was wild and Tegan hardly made a sound all day. I have decided that Tegan is a rambler. He just rambles around from one thing to the next and you hardly notice him there...that is when you are at other peoples house. Let us be home alone and the kid thinks I should sit in the middle of the living room floor 24/7. Anyways, he did great even though he was three hours late getting a nap and then took a really short one. I am still tired from my night last night but you will have to find out what I "DID NOT DO" on not me Monday. Sorry there are no new pics but I never even thought about picking up my camera. I promise I won't disappoint at Christmas.
Oh wait I forgot to say that Tegan is pouring snot again. Let's just hope he doesn't have another ear infection before seeing the ENT on Tuesday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's that time of year. You know, where everyone stays sick but you have so much to do outside of the house that it doesn't matter that everyone is sick. You must spread your germs everywhere.

My not me Monday was mostly all from last Tuesday when I took my kids to the Doc.

I most certainly did not take my kids to the Dr at 5:15 and not get out until after 6:00 pm b/c the Dr. got on a soap box about kids and germs. And you all wonder where I get my germaphobia from!
Then drop off a prescription all Walgreen's only to learn that when I went back my insurance wasn't valid. So I was going to pay for the prescription and learned it was $90 so I very rudely asked for my prescription thingy back as if it was all their fault. Only to figure out that when I got home I didn't even give her my
prescription card. I gave her the regular insurance card. DUH's separate!

Then me, the kids and my mother-in-law went to Chili's to eat while waiting on the prescription and I did not order Paul a $9 hamburger for supper only to leave it on the table and realize it half way home. What kind of wife would I be.

To close with today....It is 8:05 am and I most certainly am not sitting at my computer doing my not me Monday while listening to Tegan cry and completely ignoring the fact that he is ready to get out of bed for the day. I wouldn't have my priorities in order if I were doing that!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pottery Barn Bag

So I got some fabric from the Pottery Barn Brooke collection and made a cute diaper/tote bag out of it with a coordinating fabric I found. It turned out super cute. It has trees and owls on it for a one of a kind look. I love this bag. It's for sale at Polka Dot Pixie which is my etsy sight where I am selling some of my items. Be the first to have this bag!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My little Cheerleader

So Rylee just completed her first year of cheerleading and if I must say so myself...she was a natural. There were lots of practices and took up more time than me and her thought it would but she liked it. The also competed in a competition this weekend where their squad took first place in all three categories.
How cute is she in this uniform??? Love it! Here are a few action shots of my mini me!

Monday, November 17, 2008

What's going on here??

Where do I start. Oh...that's right...we are about a month in to total sickness in our house. Tegan had a double ear infection and a sore throat. Then the very day he got better, Rylee started with a bad cold that she then graciously shared with her ever sweet brother. Who then took that cold and made it in to a double ear infection (or the same one as before), diarrhea, a really raw behind, and a snotty nose that had to be wiped so much it is also as raw as his bum. Tegan has done lots of crying and screaming which has worn me out. Therefore Saturday night I began losing my voice. By Sunday I pretty much had no voice at all. It's a little better today but Tegan isn't. Then Rylee tells me it sounds like a microphone in her ear. The last time that happened she had an ear infection too. Then tonight she kept saying she was cold and even though she was covered up, she couldn't get warm. Isn't it funny how Rylee went through 5 1/2 years without a single ear infection until Tegan starts getting them. I know they aren't contagious but somebody didn't tell my kids!!!!!
I just pray the worst is over! Tegan will see a ENT on Dec. 2 to talk about getting tubes in his ears. If that Dr. doesn't agree to do it then be prepared to get the next blog post from a jail cell!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Footie PJ's

I love footie pajamas!

Not Me Monday!

My hubby had his wisdom teeth out last Wed. We all know things like that are more painful the older we get. I am such a good wife that I did not jump in the car Saturday morning with my mom, grandma and two sisters and head to Cherokee to gamble at Harrah's. I would never do that.

That's all I got for you!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So I'm a day late! This will be picture overload.
Poor Teg didn't get to do much trick-or-treating due to yet another double ear infection, a red throat and a VERY high fever. Grandma graciously offered to keep him while me and Rylee went out hunting for candy. She was pretty upset that Teg couldn't go and actually said that she was sad to be going by herself. So Mom to the rescue. That's right, at the last minute I threw on some overalls and a straw hat and called myself a gardener. It worked, she was completely happy! Super man on the other hand had a really bad night that almost landed us in the ER when his fever hit 104.9. 105 is when they consider it an emergency so we were pretty much there. At 1:00 am in the morning the Dr. told me to put him in a lukewarm bath and sponge him down. If it was still above 104 then we needed to get to the hospital. I forgot to add that 104.9 was about an hour after getting the max dose of Motrin and Tylenol. Nothing has worked for him. The bath brought it down to around 103.8 so I literally just sat up and watched him all night. Waking him up on and off to check his temp. He has still had the temp all day today but is at least sleeping right now. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon!
Now for some pics....

"Leave me alone mom...I don't feel good!

This is the kid that wouldn't wear a bikini b/c she didn't want you to see her belly how things change so quick!

Love this pic of them!

I have no shame....I was pictured with some of the grand kids!

Lucky for overall wearing days are over. Not very flattering.

My one and only trick-or-treater. Miss KB!