Sunday, February 1, 2009

Michael Miller Fabric

I have to confess....out of every fabric designer out there I LOVE love love Michael Miller fabrics with Amy Butler running a distant second. They have the best selections of fabrics and are constantly helping new designers get their fabrics out there. Did you know that I plan to design a fabric line for them one day....o.k., they don't exactly know about it yet but I'm ready just as soon as they call! I'm WAITING! Anyways, the line of fabric leaves it wide open of what you can make. There is a little bit of everything for everybody! I have so many favorite fabrics that I can't ever decide. My dream is to eventually build up enough of this fabric to be running my own fabric shop with Michael Miller fabrics soon.


  1. Love the combinations! very nice blog

  2. I hope you get your dream one day! You have great taste and do a fab job at coordinating all those fabrics.


  3. I love the bag!! Off to see your etsy shop!!

  4. Great bag and nice start to your blog.
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