Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To My Son...

After I wrote my little letter to my sweet daughter, of course I thought of thousand more things I would like to say to her.  Hopefully the same thing won't happen with this letter to my son.  I always joke about Tegan being like my little puppy dog.  If anything ever happened to me, he will be the one that misses me the most.  He wants me for everything!  Nobody else will do when he wants his mommy.  Secretly I hope it always stays that way but I know it isn't good for him to stay so attached to me and I know that the day will come that he will want his space.  I just hope it doesn't happen until he is at least 31:)

Dear Son,

1.  Find a sport you love and pour your heart in to it.  It will keep you focused. 

2.  Do not ever lay your hands on anyone (yes this includes your sister).  Fighting is never the answer!  Oh and if I ever in my life hear that you have hit or harmed a female in anyway,  I will lock you in a bedroom at my house and never let you out. 

3.  Your Daddy is going to be much easier on you than your poor sister.  First you are a boy and second you are the second child so he will be much more relaxed.  He longs for that father/son relationship that he has missed so bad since his own father passed away....give it to him.  No one and I mean no one will give you better advice, send you in the right direction or enjoy spending time with you like your dad will!!!

4.  Your Mommy....I on the other hand will not be so relaxed.  You can have fun and hang out but being good and doing what you are suppose to is a mission of mine.  I will be that angel that sits on your shoulder.  You will always be my baby boy, letting you spread your wings will not be easy for me!  

5.  Your sister....Love that girl with all your heart.  Yes, I know that she tries to mother you to death but she adores you.  She had to deal with your mom after losing and burying your brother so please excuse her if she is very protective of you.  Stay close to her even as you grow.  She is the only other person on this side of heaven that has the exact same blood flowing through her veins....never ever forget that and never ever let anyone come between that.

6.  Always defend and stand up for your sister.  Even if she is wrong.   

7.  Do not be a bully.  In fact, if you see someone bullying another kid, step in!!!  Don't step in to a situation that will get you hurt but speaking up for those that are weaker than you, will not only gain you respect but it will make you feel good about yourself.

8.  Hold hands.  This makes me want to throw up a little to even think about but when you are 32 years old and married{:)}, hold her hand.  When walking through a parking lot, reach for her makes her feel wanted and makes her feel like you are proud to be with her.  But holding hands is as far as you go:)

9.  Clean.  All because you are a male does not mean that you are blind to a mess in the house.  If the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, do it.  If there are clothes on the floor, pick them up.  There is no rule that says that a woman has to have the responsibility of the house on her shoulders.  Never ever say that you didn't make a mess so you won't clean it up...need I remind you that I didn't dirty up all those size 4T clothes but I washed them, dried them, folded them and put them away day after day!    

10.  Ladies first...always!!! 

11. Get dirty!  Yes, your germaphobic mommy is telling you to get dirty.  Dirt doesn't hurt:)  Dirt and sick germs are not the same thing!

12. Never wear jeans with holes in them to church on a Sunday morning.  Jeans...yes.!

13.  Learn to do something really cool like a back handspring, water skiing, playing pool, etc...  One day you will be put in a place where you can show off that really cool skill and everyone will think you are awesome (b/c you are)!    

14.  Your pants are meant to cover your behind and your hat is suppose to sit straight on your head.  No one wants to see your underwear and you will just look plain stupid with your hat tilted or turned to the side.  No matter how cool you think it looks, it isn't!

15.  Do what is right and your life will follow the path that it should!

I will love you always!!
Love, Mommy!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Little Help Please!

When I had Rylee, I went back to work part time instead of full time. For the next few years, I only worked 24 hours a week. Right after I had Cohen, my job at the time went from part time to full time. I only got to work full time for seven months before being put out of work and put on strict bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy with Tegan. When I went on bed rest, Rylee was entering pre-k. I didn’t go back to work after having Tegan except for that crazy little weekend nights job that I really shouldn’t have done for those horrible three months. So pretty much since the summer before Rylee started pre-k, I have not had to worry about who would keep my kids or what I would do with them during the summer.

During that time that I was out of work, I went back to school. I took a ton of core classes and the entire required health core. Then I started thinking that the medical field was not for me. I got a firsthand view of how none family friendly some healthcare positions can be. Working a crazy schedule and missing out on holidays is not at the top of my list of dream jobs.

I started my current job about a week after school started this school year for my kids. I like my little job. For those of you that don’t know, I do hearing test on one day old babies in the hospital but I don’t actually work for the hospital but yet a contract company. My job has been very flexible and allows me to take my kids to school and pick them up every day. I go in, do my job and leave. The best part is that during the summer, my co-worker was willing to pick up my slack (she would get some extra hours that she wants) and allow me to only work as needed so that I could be home with my kids b/c I don’t have ANY IDEA WHO WOULD KEEP THEM OR WHAT I WOULD DO WITH THEM this summer. Then when school started, I would just come back in to my job like normal. It was a perfect!

In the meantime of starting a new job, I started a new business….Cohen Lane. That business has grown and done very well, if I do say so myself. Working from home, doing that business, makes me the same amount of money as my part time job does and maybe even sometimes more. It has been a perfect set up. I love that little business and feel like that I can take it to a whole new level. My intentions have always been to slowly grow that party printables business in to an online party invitations and decorations shop. My heart is in that business.

In a couple of weeks, the contract company that I work for will be dropping their contract with the hospital. The great news is that instead of us just losing our jobs, the hospital is offering to hire us on in to the hearing screener’s position. There is great potential in this job. After meeting with what will be my new supervisor, I have been encouraged at the idea that we will have the opportunity to cross train for other “testing” positions that have the potential to make some really great money. Like good money. It would be like free schooling and also getting paid to be there.

The problem is that I would be required to work a certain amount of hours weekly. My whole summer plan will be blown out of water and I will be left to scramble to find a babysitter on a daily basis.

Also, I feel like I would have to choose between this new career and my beloved business. I have a hard enough time now keeping up with my business so I would think that working more required hours, would limit what I can do with my business that I have worked so hard on. If I choose to take this job, I would go all in and do as much cross training and certification that I could which would leave little time for my business….my beloved business.

The thing is, I would gain some really valuable experience and have potential to have a higher hourly pay rate than I have ever had before.

But I am not always about the all mighty dollar and feel like I would not be nearly as available to my kids.

But thousands of mama’s work (full and part time) and their kids are fine.

But what about my business and my dream of it getting really big while working from home where I am a constant in my kids lives and never have to worry about making someone mad b/c I have to call in sick when I have been up all night with a sick child.

But I would GET PAID to learn a really awesome job that would open up a ton of opportunities to me.

But what about my kids? And my business? And my dream?

But the opportunity is almost too good to pass up and goodness knows I don’t want to regret passing up this offer. This job would be a sure thing and we all know owning your own business is never a sure thing.

Can you see my dilemma? I am having an awful time. One second I feel like God is telling me to go ALL IN on my business b/c it is something that I love to do and never dread but then the next second I feel like God is saying that he has opened these doors for me at my job and all I have to do is walk through them.
Advice anyone?
Help anyone?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She's got test taking skills

I believe that horrible test taking skills go hand and hand with being an anxious person.  I hate taking test.  I would get all kinds of nauseous. My stomach would start making these loud noises right when the room got quiet, I would feel sick and screw up the whole test.  I never did great on test. 

I had to laugh when I was remembering my first major standardized test in school.  In the 3rd grade my teacher asked us to lay our heads on the desk while she was handing them out.  Once she gave me my test, I laid my head back down on top of the booklet and proceeded to throw up all over it.  Not only on it but the whole desk, floor, my clothes and a path all the way up to the front office.  I had a horrible stomach virus but at that age, I got in my head that it was the test that made me throw up. 

Thankfully, Rylee is totally opposite.  Today was the first of 5 days of CRCT test taking.  When she got home, I asked how she did on the reading part of the test today and she said "great!  I am sure I got every one right."  Oh to have her confidence and her stomach:)    


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Skip on over to Cohen Lane and check out the super cute little printable for CRCT students.  Go see Cohen Lane on Facebook and comment to get this printable for FREE!!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

To My Daughter

I have so much on this side of life that I want to teach to my precious daughter and son.  The truth is, I without a doubt pray that I will always be here for them but the reality is we never know what can happen.  Maybe I shouldn't sound so morbid and just say that I want to write some post as a reminder of all the things I want to tell my kids as they grow up.  This first post is for sweet Rylee.

   I am also doing a post for Tegan and then a post for both of them:) 

1.  Let It Roll- Whenever you are up, someone will try to bring you down.  Sometimes this comes in the form of an enemy but sometimes it can be the dearest of friends or family.  The earlier in life that you learn to have a huge heart for others but not take everything to heart, the earlier that you will learn to let it roll right off your back!

2.  Your Daddy-  Your daddy is a tough nut to crack.  He hates the fact that you are growing up and therefore he will be super hard on you about things like makeup and your little girl opinions.  Always remember that your daddy loves you like no other man can ever love you.  He will always look at you and see that baby girl, his first born child, that made his heart skip a few beats.  Nothing you can ever do or say will make you any different in his eyes. But one day that man will look at you and think "Wow....what a beautiful and amazing young woman she has become".

3.  Your brother-  In the words of Olivia the Pig, I know that your little brother is more like a little bother.  His goal in each and every day is to show you how much he loves and adores you with pure and genuine aggravation!  He looks up to you.  He loves you.  He thinks your great.  I fought hard to give you that sibling and even though he annoys the heck out of you now, I beg of you to hold him close for all the years of your life.  One day he will marry a young lady.  We can only hope that she loves us but even with that being said, we are the in laws.  We will not be her favorite people.  Suck it up and play nice because having that boy in your life will one day be a very important thing to you.  Be sure to respect him as a grown up and don't always treat him like the little boy he is now.  Your dad and I are raising two great kids and we trust that you will both see each other as great people with your heads on right!

4.  Friends-  Acquaintances are one thing and friends are another.  If you are lucky, you will find a great trustworthy group of friends but you may only find that one friend that you feel like you would trust with your life.  When you find that, hold on to it.  Nurture it!  Don't let life, husbands and babies come between that b/c I promise, you need that person(s) for your own survival and sanity.  The older that you get, good friends are everywhere but amazing friends are very hard to come by!

5. I know that growing up is hard but always remember, it is so hard for me to watch my little baby girl grow up and turn in to a young lady and beyond.  It's a catch 22 b/c I am so very proud of who you are and will become but yet the growing pains that I feel are sometimes way to much for me. 

6.  Beauty is only skin have the ability to be beautiful both inside and out. 

7.  Be Humble!  I tell you everyday how perfect that you are but the bigger your head is, the louder the pop is when someone tries to burst your bubble.  You are an awesome person but being able to pull yourself back and let others shine is an ability that makes you better!

8.  You are cursed....just like every other woman before you, your body will change and your "Aunt Flow" will eventually grace you with its presence.  Save your comments on this people, it is real life and going to happen!  There is no need in complaining about it b/c there is not one single thing you can do about it. 

9.  Girls are mean to other girls.  Women are mean to other women.  Mommies are mean to other mommies.  As women, we are quick to judge and quick to want to bring others down.  If you listen to nothing else in this post, listen to this....You will never be better than anyone else.  We are all awesome.  Save your judgements and ALWAYS give others a break.  Cut them the same slack that you would want.  When you become a mommy, you will make a thousand mistakes.  That is totally OK.  The good thing is that God promises that everyday will be new.  You can wake up, start over and the best thing is that your kids will think you are great no matter what!

10.  DO NOT YELL!  Raising your voice is not needed.  Yes, I know your awesome mommy raises her voice at you (or more your brother) all the time.  It is a awful habit that I try to break daily!!!

11.  When you grow up, caring for your house may fall mostly on you.  While you should keep your home or space as clean as possible, it is by far not the most important thing.  As much as I want a perfect looking home, sadly it is at the very bottom of my very long to do list and guess what, that's OK!

12.  Do not dress like a street walker.  Whether you are in sweats or a beautiful dress, you will always be beautiful but if your skirt is way to short and your top cuts down way to much on your chest....not good!  Others see that as a cry for attention and I can promise you , you will never HAVE to dress like that to get the attention that you deserve.

13.  Call your mama at least every other day once you are out on your own.  She lived her whole life for you and your brother, so forgive her if she has a hard time. You are never to old to need the comfort of your parents or to ask for help!  Life isn't easy but having a great support system can do wonders for your life!

14.  Love yourself first and everything else will fall in to place! 

I will love you always,
Your Mommy


Easter in Pictures

We had a really great Easter.  We started with an egg hunt at church on Saturday, Sonrise service at the church, breakfast at church, back for regular service and then Easter lunch.  Busy day! 
I hope you all had a very blessed Easter!