Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feature Tuesday!

I don't know that I will always do my features on Tuesdays but whatever day it is on then that is what I will call it. You never know when it will pop up on here!
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I wanted to do something different this week for our feature so here she is as if she is telling you all about herself.....


All about her: I'm largely self-taught, and while I've always been artistically inclined, my passion for book binding only began 3 years ago, with a class called "Artist's Books" at the college I attended, Clark University. After that class I was hooked, and I continued learning about bookbinding through independent study. I'm a paper fanatic, and while I'll leave a clothing store empty handed (even if there is a big sale) I can never leave a paper store or art supply store without buying myself a little (or a big) something. My most recent purchase was a custom embossing stamp to imprint my logo onto paper.

The first one is one of my favorites (by mine I mean me, the simply made).

Spanish Countryside Journal - Hardcover Blank Book with Pink and Black Cover

Handbound Miniature Book - Two Fish Talking - Hand sewn cover, Over 100 Tiny Pages

Adventures of the Little Submarine - Illustrated Handbound Miniature Book

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  1. awesome books! I love the little submarine one! How cute :)

  2. Love books and journals. My bed is surrounded by them.

  3. Adorable journals! I love the pink one too. Beautiful work. Great blog too! :o)

  4. Thanks so much for the feature!!