Friday, February 13, 2009

Burn out...

I haven't been getting much sewing done lately. I don't know...maybe I just got burnt out on it but I have taken almost a 2 week break. Well as I am trying to get back in the saddle and get some stuff done (b/c there are bills to pay) I have listed two new bags that I think are super cute. Right now I am switching gears from diaper/tote bags to some purses b/c I think maybe there will be a larger buying market for those. I have plenty of large bags in my store so I guess now it is time to stock with purses.

So anyways I have gotten off topic...I love to sew so why do I get burned out. My question is Do you ever get burned out with whatever you make to sell on etsy? Do you ever find yourself working really hard for several weeks and then just suddenly stopping b/c you can't take another minute or do you just love it so much that you can't stop doing it at all? How do I balance it out to where I don't feel like I am having to cuff my self to the machine just so I will get something done?


  1. Sometimes I have trouble getting started because some beadweaving projects are very time consuming. I can't exactly get burned out because I have way too many other tasks to complete :(

    By the way, those handbags are great! I love the greens and blues.