Friday, November 30, 2012

Mommy Caught The Flu

and her poor daughter did too!!!

This has been the longest week ever!  For the first time in my 32 1/2 years, I got the flu.  No I didn't have a flu your comments for someone else b/c my dear sweet daughter had a flu shot and still caught the flu from her mama.
It is very safe for me to say that I have never been so miserable in my entire life as far as sickness goes.  It all started last Saturday.  I woke up not feeling well but not really sick.  I got up and motivated and began feeling a lot better as the day went on.  We went to run a few errands late in the afternoon and then came home to order a pizza for supper.  We sat down to eat at around 7:00 and it hit me....the worst cold chills I have ever had!  Things just got worse from there.  I was in bed shortly after that b/c I was just freezing to death and I stayed there for the next two days.  I only got out of bed after two days b/c my husband made me get up so that he could drive me to the doctor.  I was so sick that I was literally crying in the waiting room b/c it was going to be an hour to an hour and a half wait and I couldn't even bare to think about being out of bed that long.  So this germaphobe did something I have never done before, I just laid down on a bench and spread my germs with the world!  I tested positive with the flu and was also diagnosed with a sinus infection too.  I came home and got straight back in the bed and I can't even remember when I got out of bed again after that.  Tuesday morning, Rylee woke up feeling sick and has been in the bed with the flu ever since.  In the meantime, I have been up and down.  One hour I feel like I can get up and move around and then suddenly I am knocked flat on my back.  I just can't seem to kick this and it is driving me nuts!
My body has ached, I have had the worst cough ever that just won't leave me alone, stuffy nose, headache, so weak and tired, dizziness, upset name it, I've had it!  Rylee has followed the same process and even though everyone says the flu shot will lessen the symptoms, they haven't for her:(  
I am so tired of being sick and stuck in this house.  I have gotten behind on everything.
So far, the boys are both good but I don't know how.  Tegan had a flu shot but Paul didn't and since he has refused to sleep anywhere but in the bed right beside me at night, I am praying over him that he doesn't get it!
My husband has been great.  He has handled everything with the kids, did the laundry, kept things picked up, and has took great care of me! 
I am praying that I have turned a corner and will be like a brand new person by the end of this weekend but judging by this coughing fit I am having right now, it isn't looking so good:(

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday!
Be sure to get out (or online) and support a small business today! 
Cohen Lane is having a 40% off sale in our etsy shop today only!

 Thanks so much for your support! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We have a busy day with lunch with my husband's family, supper with my dad, a little night time shopping and then another Thanksgiving meal on Saturday with my mom.

I am so super thankful for so many things.  There were way to many things to list in the facebook challenge that everyone is doing so I thought I would do a few here....
My God. My husband. My Kids. My health.  My life. My Home. My attitude change.  My baby boy Cohen.  My ability to recover. Everything good and bad that molds me. 
I honestly think this list could go on and on for days but since I have some cooking to do, I have to cut it short but I am most thankful for the life that I have with my husband.  We aren't always at the point in our lives that we imagined but we are there together and somehow our marriage has survived things that most couples can't make it through!  

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.If you get a chance, do something great for someone when they least expect it without even letting them know it is you. Oh and if you go shopping tonight, be sweet and chill out.  It is all fun in the end b/c you know this stuff will go on sale again in a week or two:)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Many Blessings!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Cracked Nuts

I tell you what, I have felt like a cracked nut for the past two months.  Every night was filled with soccer practice and games, twirling practice and performances, and play practice that ended with SEVEN shows.  It is safe to say that not only my kids are excited about a weekend at home but these parents are too!

Even though it makes for a crazy schedule, I love to watch Rylee in these plays and she loves to do them.  I think this one was her favorite so far.  It will be a while before she is in another one b/c the next one is just adults but that's OK, I welcome the break:)

The play this time was called the Cracked Nuts.  It was so funny and every night they threw a little something extra and off the wall in there that would crack me up.  People left smiling and happy from every show.  I have to thank Dannette, Susan and Nikki for doing such a great job putting the show together, taking great care of my girl and most importantly, allowing her this opportunity.

Of course, this was my favorite part of the show.  Ry is the smaller girl in the red (I just realized she doesn't have on shoes?).  Of course my camera card got full before it was over and I was a little wobbly 
but here you go....

I took lots and lots of pictures....
 Sweet Ry on stage at the beginning of the play!
 There were some great people in this play!  So kind to the kids!
 In the above picture is Dannette and Susan!  They are great!  One day soon, we will see Dannette on TV doing her comedy!  She has a talent for sure.

This was a great experience for Rylee.  She is already saying she can't wait to see what is next.  
Hopefully this post explains my lack of posting.  It has been so busy and I felt like I was falling behind but I am feeling all caught up now and ready for the Holidays!!!  
Happy Friday everyone!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flying By Fall....

I have no idea where the last half of October and first half of November have went.  It has been very busy around here for us and I am playing a little catch up.  
I love fall!  There is no doubt that it is my favorite time of the year.  I always have huge hopes of cute fall decorations all over the house and some pumpkin spice candles burning.  I fail at doing either of those things every year.  But I'm OK with that b/c that means I am busy with my little ones.  I know that all to soon there will be a time when I can do all the fall decorating I want but for now, I just like to enjoy these not so babies.
We went to the pumpkin patch with the church.  I love the pumpkin patch even though I had already bought me a really huge pumpkin at Aldi for $2.49:)
It was a fun and busy day so I didn't get very many pictures to show....

 Then came Halloween. I know it sounds strange for fall to be my favorite time but yet Halloween is my least favorite holiday.  I'm not a huge fan of the dressing up, running from house to house, the endless sugar rush, etc.....  But these kids won't let me get out of it.  Luckily, this year our church had a Halloween Trunk n Treat on Halloween night so we were able to go there and skip the door to door thing.  They got a ton of candy.  I was last minute thinking about their costumes and everything was sold out so we had to get a little creative. 

Teg was a scarecrow.  I had everything he needed to make his costumes so it was so simple and he was so excited about it....except for the hat.  

Rylee was a nerd!  She made the cutest little nerd that I have ever seen.  As with Tegan, we just used stuff we had at home for her costume.

As you can see, she took her costume seriously and played the part very well.

It has been one of the busiest past 5 weeks ever with Tegan's soccer, Rylee's Twirling and her endless play practices and seven shows (more on that later).  
I hope you are all having a great fall.  I know it is silly but I am having to stop myself from putting up all my Christmas Decorations b/c that is my favorite Holiday!!!