Thursday, February 19, 2009

Advertising for Etsy 101

So can any one tell me the ways that you advertise your etsy store??? About a month ago I started this little old blog, I promoted it a little on the etsy forums, got 18followers (thanks guys) and have actually been selling more now than I was pre blog days. But I am looking for other....FREE ways to advertise my store. I thought about sending little post cards out with my site address to everyone I know but that only gets the locals which is where I already make most my money. I am wanting to not depend on the locals so much and make my money from etsy. So this weeks question is what has proven to be the most beneficial advertising for you?


  1. Do you have your shop name signature at the bottom of your e-mails? Another is a vinyl stick-on for your car. I do both...does it help? Who knows, but worth the try.
    Good luck!

  2. Are you on twitter or flickr? I have a GA account and can tell that I get quite a few views from twitter. I haven't gotten any sales from it (yet) but I think it's a great way to "socialize" with people that not estsy artists. If your not and want more info just email me. Flickr is also a great way to reach out to people outside of the Etsy community. They both can become time consuming (aka addictive) if you let them be!

  3. I found you from the forums - very nice blog!

  4. try a business card swap with other sellers. That way when they get sales, your business card goes out with them, spreading your name out there. I also have a Facebook page where people can become fans of my shop.

    Also, if you want a free design project done, contact me. I've been doing little side projects here and there for my portfolio and if you're interested in making a postcard or something I'd be happy to help.

    All info is at my blog:

  5. If you can get into the local paper, I just had an article written about me in the small town paper, but views on my page SKYROCKETED the following weekend!




  6. I just began my shop about 2 months ago I believe and I wasn't getting many page views but then I added the facebook app and it jumped up a bit but then I added twitter and will daily post items on there. When I post items on twitter it immediately jumps at least 5 viewing for whatever item I post depending on the time of day I post that item. I have no sales from it yet but it definitely helps with getting your name out there and letting people see your work. :)

    Stacy @ stacy's stylish artworks