Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top 5 tips for not getting a job...

5. Search on the Internet all day long for jobs and when you finally get an interview for a full time job...pray you don't get it b/c you don't think you can be away from Tegan that long.

4. When asked about why you left your last job say medical reasons. Which then leads them to ask more questions which then leads you to have to mention that you have small children since you left your last job due to pregnancy bedrest. Watch as their facial expression changes from oh this girl is great to oh this girl has two young children whom she will have to be out with when they are sick!

3. Over hype yourself to the point where at your most recent interview they tell you that you are way to overqualified!

2. Tell them that you are looking for a job that has room for advancement only to make them nervous that you won't want to stay in the hiring position for very long.

And Finally...

1. Wait until there is a country wide recession and unemployment is at an all time high before you seriously start looking for a job!!!!

Before this past year I don't think I have ever had a job interview where I didn't get the job. I can't ever remember being rejected. Well this year has been really different, 6 interviews and still unemployed. If I wasn't watching the news everyday and hearing about how horrible the economy is right now then I might just take that personal!

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