Thursday, September 30, 2010

They said it couldn't be done...

Since I have been shopping like crazy and already have several packs of meat in the freezer, I really didn't need to do any real grocery shopping this week. But there is no way I could pass up the deals at Ingles this week. Everyone who does this whole sale/coupon match-up thing has told me that you just can't save a whole lot of money at Ingles...well I beg to differ. I went in armed with a stack of coupons that all matched up to items that were on sale with the advantage card. I only bought items that I use on a regular basis. You can't see everything pictured but there are lots of good items on sale this week at Ingles. You still have time to go get your deals before the new sale starts Sunday. Extra virgin olive oil: Cost $4.78, deal is B1G1 free so I got one for $2.39.
4 Boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese: Cost $1.33, on sale for $0.80 a box and I had two coupons for $0.55 off when I bought two boxes.
4 Cans Progresso Vegetable soups (I eat this a lot for lunch): Cost $2.16, on sale for $1and then I have a coupon for $1.00 off when I bought four. I got all four cans for $3.00!!!
2 Cans Potato Soup: Cost $2.13, on sale for $1.50 a can and had a coupon for $1.00 off when I bought two. Got both cans for $2!!!
Evaporated Milk: Cost $1.25. I had a coupon for $0.50 off when I bought two which then doubled to $1.00 off.
Koolaid: regular $0.25 each, on sale for $0.14 each plus I had a coupon to get 4 packs free when I bought 10.
Breakstone Sour Cream: Cost $2.38, on sale for $1.33. I had a coupon for $1.00 off if I bought two.
Select Kraft cheese cold products are on sale for $2 each (or 2/$4). I had a coupon for $5.00 off when I bought 5 Kraft cheese items so I picked out five different items that were on sale for $2 and after my coupon that made each one $1!!!! Total savings on cheese with the advantage card and coupon was $19.60!!!!
Bologna: Cost $2.78, on sale B1G1 Free. I had a coupon for $1 off so that got me two packs for $1.78.
Turkey and Ham lunch meat: Cost $3.98, on sale for $3.00 each and I had a coupon for $1 off if I bought two. We love this stuff so it is well worth it to pay $5 for to packages.
Stouffer's Chicken Lasagna: Cost $7.68, on sale for $5.98 plus I had a $1 off coupon.
Ore Ida Steam and Mash Potatoes (there is an awesome casserole dish I use this for that I will post later) on sale for $3.68 and I had a one dollar off coupon.
Total Cost: $74.03
I paid: $32.06
I SAVED: $41.97!!!!
You should have seen the other customers looking at the screen when the cashier said very loudly how much money I just saved. Everyone was wanting to know what I do to get such good deals.
Even though I didn't really need anything I am now stocked up on a few items that I won't have to buy next week or the week after but yet I use them often. I am convinced that this is the way to do it so that you never buy any thing at full price. I am seriously done shopping for the week:)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Somebody MAKE ME STOP!!!

Ah....another day of spending every dime I have just to try to save a dime:) I've been on the hunt for some of the awesome CVS stuff that earn extra care bucks but the CVS near my school is ALWAYS out of the sale stuff. But today I outsmarted the the hoarders and went to a different CVS.

I had to do 3 transactions but there was no one else in line behind me so it was fine.
Transaction one: I had a rain check from last weeks sale on right guard and edge shaving gel.
Right Guard: $4.50, on sale for $2.99, had a $3 off when you buy 2 coupon and earned $4 extra care bucks!
Edge Shaving Gel: $2.99, on sale for $2.79, had a coupon for buy one get one free and earned $1.80 extra care bucks.
Total: $15.77
Used coupons and $5 extra care bucks and paid
$1.38 and earned a total of $5.80 extra care bucks!
I totally rocked that one:)
Transaction two:
1 regular dawn dish soap on sale for $.96 and I had a $.25 off coupon.
1 bottle dawn hand care dish soap for $.96 and I had a coupon for $.50 off.
One SUPER expensive reusable razor on sale for $11.99 and I had a $2 off coupon.
Total: $15.92
Used coupons and $9.00 extra care bucks and paid
I totally screwed this one up b/c for whatever reason I didn't get anything that earned me more bucks...OOPS!
Transaction three:
3-12 packs of drinks on sale for 3 for $11.00
Paid the $11.33 for them and earned $2 extra care bucks.
The grand total was $42.47
After sales, coupons and extra care bucks (and three transactions:) I paid $15.42 for a savings of $27.05. I also left with $2 extra care bucks for next time.
Not to bad for my first time doing this CVS thing.
I have learned one very valuable thing....we drink way to many carbonated beverages!!

Monday, September 27, 2010


So this has been a super busy day for me. Fall semester of school started and my Anatomy and Physiology class started dark and early at 7:30 AM for a long 3 hour class. Tegan was devastated that he had to to get up while it was still dark outside. Any who...class went by rather quick and only 8 more labs and 21 lecture classes to go:) The countdown is ON!!!!
After class I went to the post office, picked Teg up at school, got us some lunch, went to Publix, went to target where I got him some super cute new tennis shoes for $16.00, then to Kroger and then to Teg's 3 year check-up. We were still home by 2:30!!
I finally made my way to Kroger to get a Kroger card. While I was there I went ahead and got some little debbie's b/c select ones are 10 for $10 this week. Of course the Zebra cakes that I gorge out on love were not included in that deal:(
Then it was back to Publix. The sale in my area ends tomorrow so I needed to run out to grab just a few more things since I am so obsessed savvy:)
So I finally did it! I finally saved more on my purchase than I paid for them at publix!
Here's my deal...

My kids drink Sunny D like crazy so I had to go back and stock up on it. It was B1G1 this week and was only $1.99 each. So for $4 I got 4 things of Sunny D.

Paul drinks coffee every morning and it gets expensive. So when I found another coupon this weekend for Maxwell house, I had to head back. I normally pay $4 for one thing of Maxwell house but publix has it on sale for $1.99 this week and I have a coupon for $1 off when purchasing two. So I got both things of coffee for $3.00 total.

Cheerios are on sale for $1.99 and I had a coupon for $0.55 cents off which made it$1.44 for one box.

I found one more coupon for buy two boxes of Froot loops get $1.50 off. It is on sale at Publix this week for B1G1. So after the deal and coupon I got it for $1.25 a box.

Grand Total before taxes


What I paid after coupons and deals




FINALLY....I did it!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Loving this day...

We woke up way to early this morning to the sound of pouring rain for the first time in what feels like months in my little corner of Georgia. My grass is actually screaming thank you to the clouds in the sky! I was really hoping to lay in bed late while listening to the rain but Tegan had other ideas.
Once I got up and got going my day has became pretty productive. I'm having some sort of nesting issue but without the baby. I guess you could say I am mentally preparing for another hard quarter at school therefore I know that there won't be much time for cleaning so today I am scrubbing my house, washing all the clothes, washing every ones bedsheets and finishing up some sewing. It's just nice to stay at home on a rainy Sunday and instead of being lazy like all my facebook friends, I am actually getting something accomplished.

Yesterday Paul and I got up at 5:30 in the morning (I don't know that I have ever done that) and headed to a near by flea market to sell some of our junk. Unfortunately we didn't sell all of it but we did sell over $160 worth of stuff so I guess it was totally worth it.

Tomorrow I will rise bright and early so that I can be at school for my class by 7:30 am!!!! This is a huge deal for me b/c I am totally not a morning person but this class time was what was best for me to be able to pick Teg up at preschool and not have to depend (aka beg and plead) with any one else to do it. Mother's guilt is something I struggle with!!!
If my post are few and far between then you know the class is pretty much killing me.

Wish me LUCK...and say a prayer:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Handmade Burp Cloths

Recently while I am breaking from school (starts back Monday:) I wanted to make something colorful and different. One day I plan to figure out how to make a quilt but until then, I am sticking to what I know. So I made these great burp cloths...

You can go to my Polka Dot Pixie shop to mix and/or match and purchase some colorful baby gifts!

Ingles Savings!!!

And again...I suddenly can not pass up a deal. I think I need HELP:) I'm not sure when this deal ends at Ingles but I think the new sale starts on Sunday.

Today's grocery bill totaled $70.91 before sales.
I actually feel like I got a lot although there are just some things that I must have that aren't on sale and don't have coupons but I guess that is how it goes. I had to split this up in to different pictures b/c you couldn't tell what I got but all of the pictures below are all one purchase.

So I really can't do anything about the above picture. These are things I wanted and needed that were not on sale. But are still included in my total amount spent today.

This picture is AWESOME!
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce: B1G1 Free. So I decided to become a hoarder and stock up like all the other crazy people do. Each jar is $2.48 each so with the B1G1 deal I got 4 jars for $4.96 total at $1.24 each!
Spaghetti Noodles: B1G1 Free. Each box is usually $1.08 each so I got 4 boxes total for $2.16 at $0.54 cents each!
Chicken Noodle and Tomato soups are B1G1 Free this week so that makes them $0.49 cents each!
The Martha White muffin mix wasn't on sale but I had a $1.00 off coupon if I bought two. They are $0.98 cents each so with the coupon it was like getting one free.
Ken's Salad Dressings: B1G1 free this week. It is usually $1.88 a bottle but I got one bottle for $0.94 cents....hope it taste good. I've never had this kind.
Lay's Chips are B1G1 so I got one bag for $1.99...the big bags!
Pudding was on sale for $1.00 a pack.
Saltines: B1G1 this week. They only cost $1.54 for one box after the deal.
Scott's paper towels are B1G1 so I got one roll for $1.02
Goldfish weren't really on sale...I think they had like a $0.13 cents saving.
Ravioli are on sale $1.00 each.

Hamburger meat....nothing I can say about that. I needed it for the spaghetti:)

Deli Fresh turkey lunch meat was $3.98 but I had a $1 off coupon so it was $2.98.

Grands canned biscuits were on sale for $1 each. I had a coupon (it is triple coupon week on coupons up to$0.50 each) for $0.40 cents off but it tripled so that was $1.20 off. Which means I got both cans for $.80 cents.

Grands Cinnamon Rolls were on sale for a $1.00. I had a $0.30 cent off coupon which tripled and knocked off $0.90 cents.

Michelina's frozen meals are on sale for $1.00 each which was a $0.67 cent savings each.

So my total was $70.91

My total after savings and coupons was $45.54 including tax.

I saved a total of $25.37.

Still not what I wanted but getting closer!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Publix B1G1

So for those of you just joining us, I am totally new at this. I have tried and quit the coupon game multiple times. Now I remember why...I am running from place to place and spending a few hours each week searching for deals, coupons and getting the two put together. But I have to say that in the short month I have been working on this I have became addicted. I love seeing that I saved half off my grocery bill. I can see that I am going to have to be that crazy woman with the huge coupon binder if I want to keep this up b/c I have more coupons in just a short amount of time than I can keep up with.

So my trip to Publix yesterday probably could have been SO MUCH better but I wasn't prepared for the new sale. My coupon buddy had been told by an employee that the sales at my Publix started on Thursdays but they were wrong...they start on Wed.:( So I went all prepared to get a few last minute deals right at the end of last weeks sale but instead was shocked b/c I didn't have my list for the new sale or have my coupons all matched up. But since Publix is about 30 minutes from my house, I went ahead and did the best that I could.

So here is the damage:

Here it is broken down:

  • Certain Kellogg's cereals are B1G1 this week so I bought Froot Loops and Corn Pops b/c I have a coupon for $1.50 off if I buy two boxes. The two boxes total cost me $4.00 with B1G1 but with my coupon I got both boxes for $2.50 total!
  • Ritz crackers are B1G1 so I only got one box since I didn't have a coupon. The total usually for one box is $3.09 but since it was B1G1 and I only got one it was $1.55.
  • Keebler cookies are B1G1 this week also. Same as the Ritz, I didn't have a coupon but wanted these so I only got one. They are regular $3.95 so I got them for $1.98.
  • Maxwell House Coffee (which my hubby drinks every morning) was on sale for $1.99. I had a coupon for $1.00 off so I got it for $0.99!!!
  • The pickles and A-1 Steak sauce are both B1G1 and since I didn't have a coupon I just got one of each. The pickles are usually $2.79 so I got one for $1.40. The A-1 is usually $4.24 so I got it for $2.12 (this is a big bottle...not the itty bitty bottles).
  • Sunny D...I didn't see this advertised anywhere and now I wish I would have stocked up since my kids drink this like someone is going to take it away from them. I just happened to see them on a display in front while I was checking out. These are ones that are $1.99 so I just grabbed one real quick for $1.00. Kicking myself for that one!!
  • Lysol anywhere cleaner is B1G1 and I think there is a coupon out there somewhere but I didn't have it. It is $3.19 regular so I got it for $1.60.
  • Glass Plus cleaner is B1G1 at $2.49 regular price so I got it for $1.25.
  • Pepsi 12 packs are on sale 3 for $10 but since we didn't need much I just got two for $3.33 each.
  • Mott's Medley was NOT ON SALE but I have really wanted to try it. I am happy to report that it is super yummy and gives me the shakes since it is loaded with sugar. Maybe next time instead of drinking half the container in one sitting, I should stretch that out a little.

So my total before the sales and coupons was $46.67.

After sales and coupons I paid $24.95 including tax.

So I saved a total of $19.22 at publix.

Still can't say I got $113 worth of groceries for $18 but I think I am well on my way!

Now tomorrow I will finish up the marathon with Ingles. Ingles is my usual grocery store but the big Savers have told me you can't save much at Ingles. But this week I noticed they have lots of B1G1 deals that match up with my coupons so I am headed there tomorrow and to CVS to see if they have restocked the few things I wanted to buy with my extra care bucks.

Is this way to much info??? Whew...nap time:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coupon Marathon

Today I was attempting to do what would be a coupon marathon but I ran out of time before I had to go get Tegan from school. I am sad to report that I have became one of "those people". You know, the ones that go to 50 different places to get their groceries, toiletries and cleaning stuff. Yeap...I'm her now. I am getting a little addicted to this idea of saving tons of money. Although I'm not sure it is fully working yet b/c I have yet to buy a complete meal from my sale and coupon finds but give me time. I'm still in the practicing phase.

The first major thing I have learned is that the coupon divas don't play and if you hesitate and decide to wait until Wed. to go on your coupon adventures the hottest sale items are gone! I mean cleared out!!!! The good thing is that you can get rain checks for those items, the bad thing is that I didn't know that:( Now I do!

First stop on my coupon rat race was CVS. One thing I keep reading about them is that I have to make the initial investment. Meaning I have to purchase some items that earn extra care bucks to get the cycle started. Well today I got the cycle started...unfortunately everything that I wanted to spend those ECB's on was all gone! The guy at the register told me that my store gets their truck on Thursday so hopefully they will be fully stocked by Friday when I run by there. So here is my initial CVS Extra Care Bucks investment....

  • 2 packs of Huggies Pull-ups: Buy 2 for $17.98 ($8.99 each) and get $3 extra care bucks. I also had two $2 off coupons so I got to use both of those. So I actually only paid $13.98 for both and then still got back $3.00 in extra care bucks to use later. Now Wal-mart sales these for $8.99 everyday but the extra care bucks are what made me buy them at CVS. (I am swearing that this will be the last time I buy pull-ups...its time for that boy to learn to hold his pee at night!)
  • So I don't really wear lipstick but apparently I am planning to start b/c I purchased one tube of Revlon lipstick(don't get excited b/c it is a rosy nude color). The lipstick was on sale for $6.99. I had a $2 off coupon. By buying this item I earned $5 extra care bucks so that basically made this item free!
  • One 2 liter diet fav:) On sale this week for $1.00.

So my total with tax was originally $40.66

With sale prices and the use of 3 coupons (equaling $6 off) my new total including tax was $21.75!!!

I saved $18.91 today at CVS plus I have $8.00 in extra care bucks to spend next time so hopefully I will get out of there for FREE!

I also made a run to publix so I will post that one later today or tomorrow!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not So Bad Afterall!

This post will probably make no sense:)

My dear little girl is a very outgoing little soul that doesn't really know how to stop talking sometimes. Because of this quality she has I have to say I was a little afraid of what was going to be said to us at her parent/teacher conference last week. I am happy to report that apparently we have one of the most creative children ever. We also have a "well rounded" (how the heck did that happen) little lady who truly cares about everyone in her class. She still doesn't see difference in people and I take that as a huge compliment when we are told that by someone that is not family. The best part is that she is above average in basically everything ( did that happen). She is excelling in school and we couldn't be happier. Her teacher says she never gets in trouble, is first done with her work, very respectful, uses wonderful manners and keeps them entertained. I would say I am a pretty blessed Mommy to have her as my own!

The weekend didn't seem to start out so well. Lots of little bumps in the house this week and the weekend seemed to be starting out that way. I was determined not to have yet another weekend full of snappy comments and kids trying to hurt each other. We pulled it together and actually had a very nice weekend. I know I always say that I regret the fact that we decided not to have more children and although I will not rule out adopting a little Chloe one day, I am finding myself more and more comfortable with my little family of four!

Lastly my little lady is growing up. Ry has a fear of a whole lotta stuff and getting her ears pierced was definitely one of those fears. She has talked and talked about it for years but kept saying "maybe next year" and when next year would come she would move it back another year. But Saturday she came up to me and asked to talk to me. I was shocked when she said she was ready to have her ears pierced. I was so shocked that we were out the door within a couple of hours before she could change her mind. Apparently she was the "only girl at school without earrings":) We went, she sat there nervous, $40 later and a little crying we were all done! Yes you read that right...$40 for ear piercing!!!! It was like $7 when I was younger so I was thinking that with inflation and then the recession there was no way it could be more than $12. Boy was I wrong!!!! But it was worth it b/c she did so good. She did kind of cry but not a real cry. Everybody keeps acting like it is crazy that she cried but getting your ears pierced hurts like heck and especially getting both of them done at the same time. So I was just proud that she didn't all out scream which they say some kids do! She did great and looked so grown up sitting there. Within about 3 minutes she was all smiles again and super proud of her new bling!

All smiles before!

Getting anxious!

Oh no...what the heck just happened to me??


So proud of her new ears:)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deals and Steals

It is only Tuesday and I feel like I have already racked up on the deals this week. I must admit, I am becoming a little addicted and obsessed with deals, coupons and freebies. It is just so satisfying to get a deal!!!
This morning I met a friend for breakfast and had to run few errands. I ran over to Carter's b/c my best friend gave Tegan a Carter's gift card for his bday. He also got several pairs of the exact same Carter's jeans. So I decided to take one back and get him some dress pants. I had put in my mind that the gift card (which was for $25) would buy him two sets of winter time pajamas which he really really needed. Well when I went in to the Carter's outlet they were having a sale. The p.j.'s were all 50% & 60% off. So I picked him up 3 sets of p.j.'s for $8.20 each. Then they had some jogging pants and tops for 60% off so I got him one of those sets for $13.40. Well the lady at the register offered me a 20% off my entire purchase coupon if I spent $40. Since I was exchanging the pants somehow the amount of the new pants which were the exact same as the jeans still counted toward the $40 I had to spend. So once I used my gift card and the 20% off coupon I ended up walking out of there with a pair of dress pants, hooded sweat shirt, sweat pants, and three sets of pajamas for $3 out of pocket!!! I was super excited!!! Between Tegan's birthday clothes he got and this, he is pretty much taken care of in the clothes department for right now.

Then I had to run to Walmart to get Tegan's allergy medicine. Which I have to say that if your kid needs allergy medicine like claritin every day, the walmart brand is half the price and works WONDERFUL!!! But the point is that I made a quick trip down the clearance aisle and found two throw pillows that perfectly match my couch that were marked down from $10 to $2 EACH!!! I couldn't pass that up. I can't even make them for that cheap. So I am super excited about those too!!!

Yesterday I made an Ingles run with just a few coupons and advantage card deals in mind. Had I not had to get milk, bread and orange juice, I would have gotten out of there super cheap. Just an idea of a few things I got:
Special K cereal (me and Rylee love this stuff) is usually $4 or more a box. They were 2 for $5 this week at Ingles (but BOGO at publix...wish I lived closer to one) and I had a coupon for $1 off two boxes. So I got two boxes of Cereal for the price of one.
Their Cheetos are on sale for $1.88 a bag. There was a coupon hanging above them at the grocery store for $0.40 off. Since they doubled that coupon, I got the Cheetos for $0.88!!! The good kind...not the cheapy kind!!!
The best purchase of the day was some country crock butter. It is BOGO this week at Ingles which makes it two for $1.66 or $0.83 each. So I only got one and had a $0.40 off coupon which they then doubled and I got it for $0.03!!!!! Awesome!

I will now be going to a therapist for this new obsession! Thanks for humoring me:) Tell me if you are bored with this????

Monday, September 13, 2010

Roll Call

So I am not a very present person. By that I mean I either constantly live in the past or daydreaming of the future. I think in some ways that is the easy way out from not only the big life stresses and events but also a distraction from the day after day daily grind. The past couple of weeks I have been trying to be more present, more present with my husband and more present with my kids. I guess I realized that I wasn't paying attention when a couple of weeks ago I was going through Rylee's book bag and it was just stuffed with all kind of papers that apparently had been in there for some time. That little moment made me think and what it showed me was that I just am not present daily to what needs to be done around here or with my children. I know that sounds stupid that papers in a book bag can tell me that but it did. Maybe there was someone whispering in my ear...whatever it was has had me trying to stay present.
On Sunday mornings at church Rylee has to sit out front for the first half of church before going up to children's church. While we were sitting there I took her hand and held it. It crushed me when I saw the look on her face and how shocked she was when I did that. She is 7 1/2 years old and I can't remember the last time I just held her little hand. Now I know you are thinking that is an exaggeration but it's not b/c as keeping with my trend of not being in the present, I was always thinking of the future and all I think about is what if she has sickness brewing in her and by holding her hand I pick up her germs. Insert self proclaimed germaphobe here! By worrying about what could happen and what may never happen I have somehow missed something with her.
Not only that but we have always rushed and fought through her homework. I notice this year things aren't coming as easy for her as they have in the past so we are breaking up her homework in to two different times. The last thing at night before she goes to bed I am going to sit on her bed with her and working on her homework and discussing school with her. This maybe takes 15 minutes out of my day but even though it is so little for the first few nights I did it all I could sit there and think about was the 100 things I needed to be doing in this house. But I just keep doing it and trying to get it out of my mind. Tonight I didn't think about one other thing but her and even spent more time in her room working with her on her spelling words and some math work. I looked at her at one point and saw this look on her face like she was loving every second. It didn't matter if it was being spent doing homework the point is she was my only focus.
I know it is cliche to say that all the other stuff can wait but it can. Believe me...its still there when I come out of her room:) So daily I keep telling myself to STAY IN THE NOW!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dreams come true...

What is that I see???
We are taking home a what??
See...I'm not afraid at all Mommy!

She likes me!

Why are you putting me on this thing?

Just don't let go!

I'm in love!!!

The horse is in love!

See you later Mommy!

Rylee has a small HUGE obsession with horses so we kind of borrowed one:) It is living at our house for a while...not in our house but she needed a pasture and we just happen to have one. Rylee has been over the moon with her and takes great care of her every day. It was a win win for everyone.


It's Friday!!!! Why am I so excited when I am not a "working person"? Well for so many other reasons:
1. I don't have to wake up early in the morning and get ready even though I am sure my youngest child will wake up way earlier than he does all week long and continue to yell for me until he wakes every one else in the house but atleast I don't have to get dressed before 8:00 am!

2. My husband is at home and since Tegan likes to follow him every where he goes, that gives me some time to catch up on things!

It is different though since I don't work...I mean I don't LIVE for the weekends like I did before. In fact some days I am not even sure what day it is. I have been known to wake up on a Saturday morning and start screaming "YOUR LATE FOR WORK" to my husband before realizing what day it is. He calmly says "it's Saturday" and I just pretend like I was talking in my sleep.

I have two more weeks of break from school and boy it has been so nice. I have sewn and sewn and cleaned and cleaned. Goodness knows nothing will get done during this next 10 week class.

I made an A in my college algebra class!! This is especially important b/c I am not really all that good at math, algebra or school in general:) so for me to make an A is a HUGE deal!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Dollar General Obsession!!

Not to be confused with the Dollar Tree, Dollar General is AWESOME!!!! They have name brand and off brand items. It is the perfect place to go if you want to avoid Wal-mart. Their prices are very comparable to Wal-mart but I don't ever spend as much in there b/c there isn't all that other stuff screaming at me and taunting me to buy it:) For my cleaning products and some of our bathroom items, Dollar General is my place! I'm not much of a name brand girl so if it slightly compares to name brand items and is half the price, I'm all about it. I did not have any coupons for anything that I got at Dollar General. This is just their regular everyday prices.

Here's the list... Aluminum foil (40 sqft for $1.65), brawny trash bags($2.00), gallon freezer bags ($2.00), sandwich bags ($1.00), 3 bars dove soap($3.00), arm & hammer laundry detergent ($6.00), awesome cleaner($1.00), comet ($1.00), Clorox wipes ($2.50), dawn dish liquid ($1.45), ant killer ($1.75), 2 packs of clasp envelopes that I use constantly for my camera strap covers (2 @ $1 each), a bag of chips (not pictured b/c I was eating them)($1.50), sunny delight ($1.00) and a small wastebasket that Rylee has been begging me to get for her bedroom ($1.00).

The best item that I purchase at Dollar General is this stuff...

it is called Totally Awesome and the name FITS! It is only a $1 a bottle and you can use it for anything at all. I clean the bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and the best part is you can spray it on stains on clothing and they come right out. I love this stuff. It says on the bottle to dilute it but I haven't and it hasn't been to strong. I was worried about my color clothes the first time I used it but the only thing is did was take the stains out.
So here is the damage...all this for $28.85!
Had I went to Wal-mart I am sure it would have been over $100 b/c let's face it, I NEVER leave Wal-mart without spending at least a $100. I kind of have a love hate relationship with Wal-mart so I try to avoid it if it is at all possible.
There you have it....happy shopping!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Much Better...

We were in Athens yesterday and close to a Publix so I decided to check in on the Buy One Get One free deals that they have going on while I was there. Of course since we had just spent our life savings at Ingles the day before, I didn't need much. But my sad attempt to save money has become an addiction that is in turn making me spend more money:) So here it is....

Their 12 pack Pepsi products are buy 2 get 2 free. They are 4.75 each so I got four 12 packs of drinks for $9.50! That is an awesome deal if I do say so myself.
The Cottonelle was on sale for $5.99. The Mustard was BOGO so I got two for the price of one which was$1.87 for both!!! Ketchup was also BOGO but I had just bought some at Ingles the day before so I only got one bottle which was really hard for me b/c I have this strange obsession with buying ketchup and I don't even eat it that much. The good thing about Buy One Get One is that if you get just one then you still get the deal and it is only half the price so I got the ketchup for $1.40. The Aunt Jemima waffles were also BOGO and only cost $1.15 for one.
So here is the break down:
Regular price Total...$37.14
Sale Total...$20.75
Total saved....$16.39
That was way better and so much more worth the trip. The plan is to go and get only BOGO items from there for now on and I will not make a special 30 minute trip to the nearest Publix to do that b/c goodness knows I will spend just as much in gas getting there and back home. Maybe I will catch on to this soon enough:)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Coupon Queen I am not..

So since Tegan ran a fever ALL WEEKEND I had a lot of time at home to avoid doing the things that really needed to be done. We are a four person household but somehow I think we eat more than a 8 person household. I'm not sure that we eat a lot or that we just aren't very smart shoppers:) Seriously...there have been times that I have went to the grocery store and spent records amount of money, get home and realize there isn't one complete meal in the kitchen but you bet there is a really good super fatty snack in the pantry. Our grocery bill has been running about $175 and HIGHER (after Ingles advantage savings) every two weeks. When I say grocery bill I mean only food an drinks. This does not include any bathroom items, cleaning supplies or paper supplies. I buy all those at either walmart or my favorite addiction, Dollar General. So anyways I would spend $175 or more every other week at Ingles and yet we were still having to eat out about 3 to 4 times a weekend to make up for the lack of meals I bought:) Money, Money, Money...we are spending to much money. So I am hoping to change that. I mean a .50 cent coupon is .50 cents right? So why just ignore that and throw it away?? At least that is what I keep telling myself for motivation.
I planned for HOURS!!! I am not exaggerating when I say HOURS!!!! I have skimmed for coupons, used countless amounts of ink printing them from websites, compared sales and so on. I don't want to be that person that goes to 15 different places to get everything she needs but I think I will quickly become that person if need be.
So I was ready... armed with my coupons, shopping list, a hungry husband, a hyper daughter and a sick little boy (don't judge me...I gave him Tylenol and sat him in a buggy cover so he couldn't infect the next poor innocent child who sat in that buggy).
It was THE.LONGEST.GROCERY.TRIP.OF.MY.LIFE!!! Compare this and compare that. Match up this coupon with this deal. It is a lot of work to do this and I envy those who are so serious about it. In fact I wanted to be that person that says I just got $100 worth of groceries for $18.74. But I am sad to say that I am not that person. Everything we bought was on sale or had a coupon but yet we still spent way to much. I am happy to report that we saved $50!!! That is a huge amount. But somehow we still spent $138 and some change after the advantage savings and coupons. My goal was to get 2 weeks worth of groceries for just under $100 but that just didn't happen. Maybe next time!!! I'm going to work on it b/c at least we saved $50. I do have to admit that we got lots of food but I have to figure out a better system. I did have a small very successful Publix trip today that I will blog about later and I have a little CVS list but I really want to be able to cut my trips to just two different places.
Just to let you know, I have been using Southern Savers. They have an awesome website and she really guides you to the sales of the major grocery stores and pharmacies. So I am hoping that with more practice I can get this figured out. Go over and visit Southern Savers and get started.
If any one has any tips at all on how to better my coupon experience then I greatly appreciate it!

Oh and a Tegan update...the fever was gone today but lots of snot and a hacking cough were added. My husband thinks he is fine and I shouldn't take him to the dr. but I will be following my Mommy instincts in the morning and keeping him home from school and taking him to the dr. I don't want him to be sick but I do want to be right:)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Embrace the Germs

Well it's that time again. The sicknesses are upon us and I'm sure it is going to be so much fun now that I have two kids in school instead of just one (sense the sarcasm). Tegan has been my little bubble boy for 3 years but now that preschool is part of his days so is sickness. Facebook is a cruel thing b/c I can see that other kids that Rylee goes to school with are passing around a stomach virus. Needless to say we are on high alert at our house.
Teg was feeling good and playing yesterday and then it happened. It started with a very fast to get high fever which then caused him to throw up and that took the wind out of him b/c it knocked him out for about 14 hours. This morning he seems better but I kept him home just in case. The word on the street is that another little girl in his class was diagnosed with strep today. What is a mom to do....the kid is acting fine but we all know my track record. It is a long holiday weekend. With the exception of about three holidays in the past seven years, someone is always sick in my house on a major holiday or on long holiday weekends when my only options are the emergency room or regional firstcare. My hubby says wait it out but I am being pulled in the other direction.
Instead of fighting the germs I have decided to just throw in the towel (literally..that is what I was catching vomit in last night) and just let whatever will be will be. Now I'm not getting all crazy and not washing my hands or anything but I am so tired of worrying about sickness when my kids stay sicker than most other kids!
Anyways I am sure this is how my life will go as it does every year from September to April. I think I need to change my favorite month from September to May!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laugh it UP EVERYDAY!!

The Four stages of LIFE!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Georgia Bulldog Fan...

So if you live in, around or in the state next door to Georgia, you are probably a DAWG FAN!! It is pretty impossible not to fall victim to the dawgs. I mean after looks good on just about everybody but especially on me:) If you are a Georgia fan and own a DSLR camera then you will love the deal I have for you. Head over to my facebook fanpage right HERE and be one of four people that will steal this camera strap cover for $6 (which already includes shipping).

Laugh it UP...