Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Out of Sight

Sorry guys I haven't gotten much done on here. The end of last week I was sewing up lots of orders. Then on Sunday we had a crazy heavy snow that we never get in the state of Georgia. Which then turned in to three days without power and was miserable. I promise to start working on linking up those of you who wanted to be on my blog roll. I am also looking for my etsy feature for this week...its looking like it will be called Feature Thursday! ....Hey, it's my blog, I can change the title! Anyways sorry I have fallen behind but I have power and phone service back now so I will catch up in the next day or so. Right now I am off to replace every single bit of my cold and frozen stuff that was lost. I know, I know we should have set everything in the snow but who would have thought the power was going to be out this long. Crazy!

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