Friday, February 20, 2009


UPDATE: I actually have a thread going that is up to 41 people right now! Go Me!

Wait...I don't think I am even a thread started. Do you ever go to the community boards and try to start a thread and it gets no where. 15 minutes in to it your thread is on the 20th page and no one seems to care. Why can't I get a thread going and keep it going? I must be doing something right b/c people are linking up to my blog through the community boards but why do they not respond and keep my thread going. I must not have that magic touch. I often wonder if someone revives my threads long after I have rested my head for the night and then I don't even know it. I could be famous on the community boards and have slept thru the whole thing!!! Wait....that was just a dream. Anyways, I am getting ready to start a blog roll on you want to link up?? You link me and I will link you. Let's start supporting each other!!! Tough times (at least that is what the news is saying) calls for extreme measures like linking blogs! I love my LIFE!


  1. love your bags! I responded to your thread too :)

  2. I once started a thread about supporting handmade in the USA without realizing the how many international sellers were on board..and boy did that get big. I did not mean any harm it was how it was worded, and even so I was relentless the meaness of those online. Now I am afraid to even start a thread..I am afraid someone will misunderstand and turn it all upside down..aagh!
    But..good job by the way!

  3. What's a blog roll and how do I get in? Will go look for your thread killer - I can kill my own threads with one post, should be able to kill other ones too.

  4. lol...I am sure you are not alone in the way you feel. I am off to comment on your thread now!

  5. I don't have a blog....but I have the same problem with threads! The only ones I've ever started that got more than say, 7 responses were in the promotions "show me your cute!" threads! There's plenty of cute stuff on etsy!