Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have I stayed to long...

So lately I have been looking for a job....I know, bad timing with the economy. But I've still been looking anyways. But every time there is even a possibility of getting a job I start to feel like I am going to throw up at the thought of having to leave Tegan. I cried when I had to go back to work after Rylee but I only stayed home seven weeks with her. I have been home almost 18 months with Tegan (longer if you count bed rest while he was in my belly). Me and him have our routine. We get up, we eat, we get dressed for the day, we play, we wash clothes (he loves this part), we eat again and at 12:00 he goes down for his nap until time to go get Rylee. We both love our little routine. So how will we survive if I go back to work. I mean he won't hardly stay with anyone and he won't take a nap anywhere but his own bed. Some days I think it would be good for him if I went back to work and some days I think it will be devastating to him and me. I guess it is true that the longer you stay home the harder it is to leave them!!!!

I mean could you leave this little man???


  1. Wow. You just read my thoughts, almost. I haven't been looking, but yesterday my old princpal called and offered me a teaching job. Something came available. I had hoped for this year after next when Ivey was more into 'real' preschool, with IEPs and such. But now this is in my lap. What to do, what to do? It is an opportunity. One that might not swing my way again for a very long time. Teaching only a couple of classes, not even a full day. Only a few hours away at a time. Some grownup time. But how do I leave her? The boys are both in school the entire morning. I am so confused.

  2. I absolutely could not trust that adorable face with anyone else but mommy.
    I've never posted, but I love reading your blog!!