Sunday, November 29, 2009

What cures pink eye?

Well blog wouldn't be a holiday around my house if one of my kids didn't have some sort of sickness. This Thanksgiving was Tegan's turn....I'm guessing he didn't want to be left out or else he decided to give poor little Ry a break. Somewhere during the past week my little man picked up the pink eye. Now when I say he had pink eye, I'm not saying that his eyeball was a little pink. It all started the night before Thanksgiving when I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and I had this fleeting thought about how I was going to make it thru a holiday without one of my kids being sick. I only wish I would have counteracted that thought with something other than that. Well...Thanksgiving morning I hear my son yelling for me from his baby bed and asking for a wipe. Well that is a sure fire thing something isn't right. As I walked in his door I see an eye that is half closed up and crud caked all over his eye. I immediately get him up, clean his eye with baby shampoo and go get ready to head to my annual Thanksgiving place...Regional FirstCare. Only b/c the economy sucks and there are budget cuts (this isn't verified but my own theory) our not so wonderful Firstcare was CLOSED. My only other option on Thanksgiving day was the ER....The FLU, VIRUS and any other SICKNESS you can imagine...ER. Well I sucked it up and decided to deal with it until his Dr. opened back up the next day. After warning everyone that they may be pink eye infected and getting their approval to still come, we headed to our Thanksgiving lunch destination. Everyone stood around looking at Teg from a distance and talking about how I must be a horrible mother and let him hit his eye or spray something harmful in his eye they have never seen pink eye look like that. So I started doubting my pink eye diagnosis' that I gave him and grabbed him up and headed to the ER. Praying the whole way that it wasn't pink eye but that they also couldn't prove that I let him do something harmful to himself:) Anyways, we walk in to a very calm and bare ER and was back in a room within 15 minutes. A Dr. and three nurses (one being male and rude) followed me in to the room...I felt as though we were receiving the royal treatment. I mean seriously, who takes their kid to the ER on Thanksgiving day and gets seen within 15 minutes. Well the Dr. gives his diagnosis' from the door and there you have it folks...SEVERE CONJUNCTIVITIS. I have a sigh of relief (as I wipe my brow with the pink eye infested hand) that I didn't harm him in any way during his sleep that night b/c all of my and Paul's family had totally convinced me that at some point I got up in the night and either hit him in the eye or squirted spray n wash in his eye (and since he has actually sprayed spray n wash in his eye before and it didn't look like that afterward, I was pretty sure I was about to be arrested for abuse). Well they flush his eye (while he screams), then shines a light in his eye to check for an abscess (while he screams) and then puts a cream in his eye (while he screams). Then they tell me they will be right back with a prescription and his discharge papers. WOW...I am going to be in and out of the ER with my son on a Holiday in less than an hour!!! Are you kidding me...wait, what's are kidding me? That's right, apparently it takes almost 1 hour and 30 min. to retrieve discharge papers and a prescription all while I hold my 35 lb kid in my arms b/c I fear of what he may catch if I dare let him down. Finally as my muscles are shaking and feel as though they are weakening from holding him...I open the door to a smart pants male nurse who thought he would take out his "I"m having to work on Thanksgiving day" frustrations on me. So...I gave him my best "I'm having to wait in the ER with my sick child on Thanksgiving day" frustration right back. Let's just say it didn't end well and another nurse discharged us.
At this point my sons eye is completely closed shut and he can't open it at all. The discharge coming from his eye is now blood but yet the "NURSE" said his eye looked so much better than it did when we came in. I just wanted to get out of there so I just took their word for it. I have to say though that unless we caught a heart attack or chest pains...I'm pretty sure we were safe in the ER at that exact moment.

Needless to say my kid woke up the next morning with pink eye in his other eye. Double pink eye in a two year old is NOT FUN...please, just take my word on that! Twice a day me and Paul together sit on him and hold him down to swipe an ointment antibiotic across his eye. And he is almost healed besides the first eye is really bloodshot but seems to be healing.
I took pictures of his eye after he had already had 10hours of medicine...this was a huge improvement from how it was earlier on Thanksgiving day....

Before he had it in the other eye!
(that's blood dripping from his eye)

Made your eyes hurt didn't it! Be careful...the rumor is that you may catch this pink eye just from looking at him:) But so far the rest of us have stayed safe with way to much hand washing and more Lysol than my lungs can stand to hold. If I don't die from the pink eye, it will for sure be from an overload of Lysol to me system!

So on to the title...what cures pink eye. Well, I'm still not sure b/c I used all three things. Those things would be the prescription, baby shampoo and BREAST MILK. That's right, I said breast milk. Google it, it's so true. Don't worry, it wasn't was my sisters (does that make it better or worse?). Let's just say that Teg's eyes are getting better and he now walks around saying "Dat milk cold in my eye":)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Old Friend...

Wendy is an old friend of mine. We went to high school together but she was a little younger than me. One day she started working at a restaurant I was working in right out of high school. We instantly became friends. After we both moved on from our waitress jobs, we lost contact. Then after several years have passed by we ran in to each other and she has become one of those friends that you always pick up with right where you left off. Wendy is a very laid back, deer hunting hairdresser. When she asked me to do pictures of her children and family I was very excited. After lots of trying to decide where to take the pictures, we decided to just do them at her own house. Her house has heavy woods around it so that made for some great pictures. I wanted to share a few of them with you.

Thanks for letting me do your pictures Wendy...I really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A river and some old buildings

It's amazing how many good pictures you can get at a river and a place with some old buildings. I did this session several weeks ago and am having a hard time deciding which pics to put on here so I am warning you that there is picture overload. This family was awesome...the dad decided at the last minute to come and have his picture made. He complained a little but he survived the whole process. These three girls were SO MUCH FUN to do pictures of. They were all eager to have their pictures made and all so photogenic. I think they really enjoyed it which makes for way better pictures.

The youngest...Sarah. She is so sweet!

The oldest....Shelby! Photogenic!!!

The middle child...Samantha! The sporty one! I love this picture of her.

The whole family. Hey, dad didn't say he was going to smile!

All the girls!

A real moment

One of my favorites!

I love this one!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A wordless Shadow

That says so much!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I saw the light...

Rylee had her music recital this past Sunday. She was the hit of the show if I do say so myself! I'm still not sure how she does this without getting nervous. I think Paul was more nervous for her than I was this time. Sorry the video is so dark...not sure why but at least you can hear her. Oh and it's a little shaky...I like to take pictures not do videos! Enjoy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Moving forward backwards

The accidental photography business has continued to do well. I had 5 sessions just this weekend and lots more scheduled throughout the end of November. I can honestly say I LOVE taking pictures! Every time I take them, I rush home to pull them up on the computer and get a better look at them. I have to force myself to step back and give it a day or so before I start pulling them apart and editing them. Looking at them with fresh eyes helps me to not delete a picture before looking at it really well.
I did pictures of this wonderful family a few weeks ago. I am starting with them and doing a post on each session. They were great to take pictures of and their girls are so beautiful.

I'm starting with this one b/c it was one of my favorites. It was a very real moment.

What a beautiful family!

This girl is not only beautiful but she is so sweet.

Sassy pants here was all about having her picture made. I loved it. She is so cute!

I got so many great pictures of this family, it was so hard to choose which ones to put up. I wanted to put all the great ones up but I would be sitting here waiting on blogger to upload for way to long. Plus another photographer has recently brought to my attention the whole less is more thing....a few great pictures is better than hundreds of great pictures, it makes a bigger impact.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It was an accident....

Seriously, it wasn't my intentions! A friend laughed at me recently b/c I told him that I "accidentally started a small photography business", He thought I was just being funny but really, I was being serious. My husband bought me a great SLR camera for Mother's Day last year for two reasons: the first is that I just wanted it but the main reason is that Tegan has an eye condition...holding his head up straight and looking right at the camera is not a strong point for him. Other people wouldn't take pictures of him if he wasn't just perfect in his pose. So I asked for a camera and no one but me has taken his or Rylee's picture since. Those pictures of my children have went on to become pictures of other kids and then pictures of families and then pictures of others kids and families two and three times a weekend. If I said that I loved taking pictures as a form of income I would be telling a lie. I have had a lot of different jobs but photography takes the cake and is definitely a future career option. We just never know what is ahead of us and photography wasn't a plan of mine but boy do I love it. I am working on me a new website and getting all that stuff together. But for are a few family pictures of some recent sessions I have done.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween pics

I have been busy with school, pictures and sewing...sorry I neglected the blog but I promise to get better later this week:) For today I bring you some pictures from Halloween.