Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Smart

Tegan seems to be blossoming right before my eyes. He still doesn't talk much(if he takes after his dad he never will) but on occasion if you listen real close you will hear him repeating your words...very plainly I might add. Anyways he will follow any instruction you give him. Like last night I asked him to take his boots and put them in front of his bedroom door since it was closed...he did and he didn't just do it but he put them there perfect. When asked to clean up his toys there is no fighting but yet the kid picks them all up and tries to stuff them ALL in to one toy box. He is very specific of certain days about what coats and shoes he wants to wear. If you ask him a question or try to feed him something he doesn't want he will shake his head no. There are so many cute things that he has started doing lately....I don't even remember Rylee being able to follow all these and many more instructions at just 18 months old. Oh wow, he is going to be 18 months old on the 27th!!! How did that happen.

Oh...for those of you who are sitting at the edge of your seats wondering, the Refrigerator is FIXED!!!!!

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