Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So let me just start by saying that Tegan can throw a fit like I have never seen before. If you take it away, move the wrong way or say the wrong thing he will let you know. Well he is definitely a creature of habit thanks to his beautiful and perfect mom(hold your comments)....that would be me. The other day he was wanting something to drink with his snack. Well he always drinks juice at this time of day and only at this time of day. The rest of the day is all milk. Even though I still water down his juice I didn't want him drinking it that day b/c he has a horrible rash from the antibiotics for his double ear infections that he still got after having tubes put in....oh wait, we weren't talking about that. Anyways his little bum was red, swollen and looking pretty painful so I was thinking that juice with acid in it may burn. Apparently Tegan didn't get the memo or he just didn't care. Everyday he drinks his juice from one of the same two cups which weirdly are completely different from the look and brand of his milk cups...weird I know but I have created a monster. So I got him the cup and put just water in it thinking I could trick the kid. He took one drink and literally threw the cup across the room. In the video below he is standing at the counter where we keep the cups at and wanting a new one b/c that one didn't have juice in it. Well I finally did put the smallest amount of juice ever in the cup but by this point he was just mad and didn't believe me. The fit lasted for about 5 (felt like 20) minutes and I only caught the very end on video. Notice how he knocks the cup over out of meanness. Also notice at the end when he decides to give it one more try and like magic....everything was right in the little bubble world of Tegan. This was a very mild fit and not nearly as bad as when it started but I thought the end where he picks up the cup and realizes and run was just to cute not to post! Enjoy!

It's starting

I hope this means something but last night I had my first two sells from my new fabric etsy shop! I am so excited. It's funny that now that I have a pretty good business going on in my other etsy shop that it is nothing to sell something from there but to get new sells from a new shop is so exciting!
Sorry....just had to share!


Monday, March 30, 2009

I did it! I did it!

O.k so I am breaking free from the clutter and separating my etsy shops. I now have a separate fabric shop!

I have to admit that I have already forgotten how much work it is to set up a shop. I have been very (and by very I truly mean that) slowly moving my fabric listings from my Polka Dot Pixie Shop and also listing some new fabrics I have gotten in.

No luck yet! I just started setting things up on Friday night so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will start getting some sells. Just one sell would make me happy today!!!
I couldn't decide so I decided that it wouldn't hurt to just try to split the craft and the fabric up. It just seems like a lot of clutter in my craft shop and I want people to really see a clean and consistent store. Does that make since??? So does anyone want to buy some fabric????
Oh...the name SIMPLE FABRICS
Sort of a spin off from this blog.
Check out my etsy mini on the side!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What have you made today...

I've been very busy sewing the past few weeks with lots of orders from people. I just had to show you just a few of the things I have made.

I did this great pillowcase dress for Ivey!

You can actually buy one of these on etsy right now!

The two above are baby sets with a matching car seat blanket (which means it is perfect size for a car seat or stroller), burp cloth and bib set! Love it!

Had to share...

I've been very busy sewing the past few weeks with lots of orders from people. I just had to show you just a few of the things I have made.

I did this great pillowcase dress for Ivey!

You can actually buy one of these on etsy right now!

The two above are baby sets with a matching car seat blanket (which means it is perfect size for a car seat or stroller), burp cloth and bib set! Love it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thinking of Stellan and MckMama

Prayers for Stellan

I just want everyone to take some time to remember and send up a few words for MckMama (who is having a hard time) and Stellan (who is having an even harder time).

Looking at that baby's precious face in the picture above just breaks my heart. Things are becoming drawn out and not correcting itself as quickly as possible. MckMama is sick, tired and growing weary and needs as many thoughts and prayers as she can get. If you are a mother...just think of how helpless she must feel b/c she can't just fix him!

Loving these...

Since I have gotten so behind on everything and haven't found the perfect weekly feature I am going to use this post instead of my feature this week.

I recently made a trade with another etisian and am soooo pleased with the final result.

I know these aren't the best pics and doesn't show how beautiful these tags really are but hey, I was trying to do it while a 19 month old was steadily trying to grab them...we are just lucky there are no little fingers in the picture.

I think everyone who has any sort of craft that you make money from should have some super cute tags! Let's show some love and all stop by Karisma's Scrappin and Craft Corner

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time Flies...

Looking rough on Christmas morning with no showers!!!

Well me and Paul celebrated our 8 year anniversary today with some take out and a meal with the kids...oh and did I mention three out of four of us are sick with horrible colds: Me, Paul and Tegan. We actually went on a date on Saturday night(alone) and went to a movie and out to eat. It was nice and I highly recommend seeing the movie Taken.

So I have thought back today about the last eight years. We have definitely been through a lot. I decided to list a few.
1. Between the two of us we have switched jobs 10 times...I know, unreal!
2. We have experienced a lot of family lose together: Our son, Paul's dad, both of Paul's Grandmothers, My aunt, my cousin and a miscarriage.
3. We moved once.
4. We were baptized together!
5. Have experience almost losing Tegan in pregnancy and then going through his developmental delays for a year...the unknown!
6. Three kids total!

There are so many other things and lots of ups and downs but things are good!
I am very happy to be married to him and love him very much!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

So Mckmama suddenly will not be doing a not me Monday today as her sweet Stellan has become very sick. Things are moving fast and he isn't doing very well. For those of you who don't know, it was said that Stellan would die in his mothers womb before birth but was born a healthy baby and has been up until this point. Please go over to MckMama and send some prayers up for this little guy! I had already done my Not Me last night so I will go ahead and post it.

Well it has been one of those weeks. You know where despite the best efforts of this self proclaimed germaphobe, everyone seems to be catching the cold that started with Rylee. Rylee is recovering, Tegan is miserable, Paul thinks he is going to die and I will be bringing up the rear with some symptoms starting as we speak.

On to Not Me!
I am not totally obsessed with Jon and Kate Plus 8! I also have not been reading all the gossip about them having marriage trouble that is plastered all over the Internet and staying in denial about it. Well when I didn't catch the preview for this weeks (tonight if your wondering at 9:00 eastern time) season finale I was not devastated that it seems that they are about to confess that something is going wrong with their marriage. It was very dramatic. I have not stressed over this all weekend and even called both my sisters and did not ask them that if Jon and Kate divorce doesn't that mean none of our marriages can survive??? I would never be so worried about reality stars that I don't even know!!!! Could that be a way to get more people to watch the show. Anyways I will not be sitting in front of the t.v at 9:00 tonight waiting on the outcome.

I did not go in to Rylee's room while she was playing outside and spend 2 hours doing a massive clean in there. I also did not promise her when she came in once that the stack of toys in the floor where going to be available for her to go thru and decide what she wanted to keep. I did not then proceed (while she was outside) to put all of that stuff in bags and hide it in Tegan's closet and then tell her that I decided to keep it all and I put it all away in their proper places. She did not believe me!

Your turn...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sue cow, come on baby!

I got a few outdoor pics of Tegan thanks to some good old Georgia sweet gum balls being all over the ground. He won't walk in the grass at Grandma's b/c he rolls around and falls on the sweet gum balls or whatever they are called that are on the ground. So he stood very still the whole time. Unfortunately for me he had just ate a Hershey kiss with a white shirt on and the white shirt didn't fair so well. Oh well...his little face is so cute. Miss model was all about having her picture made, as usual. Everyday Paul goes out and throws a little feed to the cows and takes Tegan with him. He loves it and says MOO the whole time. IN some of the pictures below he has his mouth open a little and his chest stuck out...that is him calling the cows!!! Rylee is pretty good at it. She still says it just like her papa taught her before he passed away, "Sue cow, come on baby!"

Tegan looks a little under the weather in these pics b/c he has had a fever...or b/c he needs a haircut really bad!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Etsy Feature...

Yes I know I keep changing my Etsy Feature day but...well I'm not very good with time management. So you just have to work with me here. I wanted to find a feature who had left either a comment or is following me so I came upon this one.

I would like to introduce to you this weeks etsy feature (that was totally cheesy):

Manic Muffin

I absolutely love sewing and making anything with fabrics. I put a lot of time into my pillows and wall hangings. I am a bit of a perfectionist which isn't really a bad thing.
If you are ordering something that is quilted, it is always done by hand.
Since I do applique and quilt by hand I don't list new items everyday, because many of the items I make are so time consuming. I do however try to list new items three or four times a week.

Feather lil Hoot

Sweet CupCake Pillow

Spring Bouquet and Butterfly

I must say that I am a huge fan of the super cute Owl Pillows that are in this shop. They are so super cute!!!!

Please stop by and see this features shop. And either leave a comment or follow this blog to become the next etsy feature!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Business cards at a deal

Since my color printer has messed up and I was suddenly not able to print my own generic made business cards and I conveniently ran out, I decided to check in to ordering some. Wow...I feel like I got a deal. I was able to order 150 of these cards for only the cost of shipment! Now of course there is a catch: only certain designs are in the free option and it depends on what you have printed on the back. If you are willing to have the Vista logo on the back of your card then you get free cards. Of course the shipping cost has to be paid. But I love my new cards. They are not slick like I was thinking they would be but they will work! You should stop by www.vistaprint.com if your in need of some business cards, return labels, postcards and so much more!

Kindof Wordless Wed.

He is too cool in Rylee's sunglasses!

Who are you looking at???

Friday, March 13, 2009

18 months

So Tegan was 18 months a few weeks ago but due to the snow his original check-up date was cancelled and moved to yesterday. I went in very positive and happy to show the dr. what all he was doing these days as opposed to this time last year. He still is very cautious about Tegan and not wanting to be as positive as I am. I have decided to not let it get to me although I must admit that it did at first. He is worried about some sensory issues with him but I don't feel like that is it at all. Yes I think he may be sensitive to a few things but when he gets anxious his eyes move really fast and it affects his vision. For those of you joining us, Tegan has Nystagmus...an incurable eye condition which makes his eyes move constantly from side to side. It does affect some peoples vision but doesn't others. So far he only shows sign of a head tilt (meaning working to see) when things are far away, which is great. He goes to eye dr.'s at Emory for this although they can't really tell us a prognosis. I'm still counting on it just going away.
Anywho he encouraged me to do a little more research online about some therapies for this and I have found something of interest that is painless to him. My fear is that he has my high anxiety level when outside of the house or around large crowds b/c that is when his eyes move the most.
O.k. enough of that, the porker weighed in at 28 lbs 5 oz which was the same as his 15 month check-up. For the first time since his 4 month check-up he has moved from the 95th% in weight to the 70th%. On the other hand his height is 34 inches which moved from the 75th% to the 95th%. Looks like he is slimming up.
We are still WAY WAY WAY behind on immunization and I am keeping it that way for a while. He has finally gotten all his shots up until his 9 month shots and one shot he would have gotten at 12 months. I think we are 5 shots behind now. I am declining the MMR shot until the Georgia School System forces me in to it. But he will get his other shots once a month until he is all caught up with those.
He is running, climbing and in to everything. He is throwing tantrums right on schedule with his development. Sleeping 12 hours every night and taking a 2 1/2 hour nap every day. He still loves the pacifier which I don't see changing any time soon. He can say the following words: Dada, Mama, Ry Ry, I cold, I tired, Hot, Bye, sit (which sounds like a dirty word), Boots, Doc Doc, spoon, bite, bath, woof woof outside and the newest and cutest is See It!
He is mean! He likes to hit Rylee a lot but we are working on that. He is for sure all boy!!! Gotta love him. I believe that all children are miracles but I was sitting here thinking of when I thought I was losing him during my pregnancy and what my life would be like without him....unbearable to imagine.

The above picture was a have no fear moment for Tegan. I left him in his room for one minute and when I returned he had opened the dresser and thrown his clothes out in the floor. He jumped a mile high when I said his name!

To split or not to split

I recently sought out the advice from the message boards about having two etsy stores: one for my handmade items and one for fabric. If you read my blog you know that my dream is to have an online fabric store. You know, to help with my obsession/addiction to buying fabric and possibly turn that obsession/addiction into a little money. When I asked if I should have my stuff in two separate stores I was told that having two stores is hard and it was compared to two children being ten times more work than one when you would only expect it to be twice the work. Well since I have two kids I knew exactly what this person meant so I decided against it. I have two blogs, this one and that one, and that is proving hard enough to keep up with both so I sort see the point about two etsy stores. My problem is that I am about to expand with more fabric but the people I send to my shop to look at my handmade items don't really care any thing about sifting through all the fabric listed in there also. They aren't always familiar with etsy to know that they can click the tabs on the side to go to specific category. So to get to my point....I'm thinking of opening up a second etsy shop that will only contain fabric sold straight from the bolt. I will keep and maintain my other shop but try to make it where people can navigate a little better.
This leaves me with two questions..
Does it make sense to open a second shop? Your advice?
O.k. so maybe three questions...
Now to decide on a name? I have a few ideas but I am open to suggestions or vote on which one you like. I was thinking of a spin off from this blog name or a spin off from my other shop:
Simply Fabrics (it has to have an s on the end b/c there is someone else on there that only buys items that is just simplyfabric. O.k. so I just checked and it would probably have to be simplefabric.
Pixie Dust Fabric
So what do you think? any other suggestions???

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last one

Probably the last one for forever! I can't seem to find the "kids playing" fabric anywhere any more so this was the last of it. This is my most favorite diaper bag I have ever made!

My favorite

I use to make this diaper bag a lot a long time ago but I haven't been able to find the fabric lately. While organizing my sewing area I came across just enough of these two fabrics to be able to make one more bag out it. It's my all time favorite diaper bag!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not have to go for almost three days without a bath and properly washing my hands last week due to having no power. I did not have to let all germaphobia fly out the window b/c there was nothing I could do about. We did not pay $60 just to get a hotel just so we could take a shower.

I did not climb in to the baby bed with Tegan just b/c I thought it would make him happy! If that had happened, it would have made him happy...trust me!

I did not develop a new addiction to making these

just b/c I was annoyed with the fact that boutiques are charging $16 for this exact same thing. I did not decide I would sell them for $8.00.

I did not allow Tegan to stay in his room and throw everything out of his dresser draws just b/c it would keep him quiet long enough for me to check facebook!

What have you not done this week!!!!

ETSY Feature!!!

Better late than never, even if it is a week late! Anyways I came cross this weeks feature on etsy the other day and had to feature it. It is something different than the normal. So here she is.....

Golden Shop

I am a stay at home mom to an amazing little girl and two stepsons! I have always had a passion for sewing and crafting. It started all the way back when I was a child. While my sisters were playing with barbies and toys, I would make an entire circus scene complete with tight rope and swinging trapeze out of nothing but plastic animals and a roll of scotch tape! When I was in Junior High and all of my friends were out shopping and hanging out I was enrolled in sewing classes! I even asked Santa for a sewing machine at a young age!

This love of all things creative bloomed even more when I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise. After excelling in textiles, sewing and pattern making classes I became obsessed with creating! I really had no outlet for this passion other than scrapbooking until we welcomed my amazing little girl into the world in September 2006. It was for her first birthday party that I got serious about my creativity! I made tanks and hair clips for the goody bags, my daughter's first birthday bib, and a pretty high chair cover all in addition to creating her invite, decorating and personalizing flower pots and sippy cups for all the children. After seeing the response I got over something I just made for the "fun of it" I started to make more and more projects. I gave them as gifts to my daughter's friends, my friends having babies, which then turned into my friends buying them off me for THEIR daughters' friends, and THEIR friends having babies! Next thing you know the word of mouth spread and I was receiving emails from complete strangers asking to buy my creations after seeing them in forums, friends' blogs, and hearing about me from others! I was amazed! I am such a perfecitonist that I never thought that my stuff was good enough for others to like, let alone for someone to pay for!

To read the rest of her profile click HERE

I can't get over the talent this feature has. She has an awesome eye for creativity. This is a true etsy artist!

Custom Made Pink and Green Chenille Personalized Birthday Party Hat - Your NAME appliqued

Pink Chenille Personalized Party Hat with any number or letter - I CAN CUSTOM MAKE ANY DESIGN OR COLOR

Custom Made Party Hats and Presents First Birthday Chenille Personalized Baby Bib - Your choice of number or letter

Stop by and show some "buying" love for our feature this week Golden Shop!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's the hold up

Well I know I have been MIA for a while but with all the snow and no power for what felt like forever, I have been playing catch up around my house. Not to mention I have a new addiction. I call it bib fever. That's right....I have been making baby bibs like crazy. Every pattern I found was either to big or to little so I sat down and drew my own. It was just right!
Why have I inherited this obsession you might ask...what you didn't ask, oh well I think I will tell you any, I was at one of those trendy and super expensive boutiques the other day and saw some cute bibs sitting out on a table. When I picked them up to look at them I could tell they were handmade and had that special touch so I checked out the price...$16!!!!! Do mothers really pay $16 for a bib??? Not this mother. So I thought I could make them and perfect them and sell them for half the price. It's not the exact same shape bib as those but I wanted some unique and original so that's why I created my own. Here is some pictures of some of them. I am slowly adding them to Etsy.

I love these bibs!!!!