Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just another day...

Well today has NOT been just another day for me. I have taken the plunge and decided to "take some classes" at our local community college. I hate to call it "going back to school"....you know, just in case I get tired. So I had to be in class at 8:00 am this morning which I am totally not use to. I managed to make it the whole hour and five minutes without falling asleep but not without a few yawns.

Then I went to the Dr. about some left side and rib pain I have been having and it turned in to a life of its own. I was due for another B12 shot (which I have been getting for two months now) and then they asked if I wanted a flu shot so I got that and then she thought she would like to do some blood work on me to check a few things. So in the 30 minutes I was in there I had three different needles go in me, had a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvic area scheduled and was told I may have to see a "stomach" Dr. and have a light run down my throat. WHAT! So just be praying and thinking of me the next couple of weeks. I will update you when I know something which is hopefully nothing. If you know me you know that my body hurts alot since having kids....I think all my organs moved around and switched places! HA!

Anyways I made two new cute dresses this week and wanted to post a picture of them. I'm starting my own etsy sight and hopefully in the next week I will have a good stock of stuff to tell you the address so you can view my handmade items.

Below is a dress made out of a great paisley material. Stay tuned a diaper bag or purse will appear out of this fabric soon!

The below pictures are of my new "Birthday Dress". I have this fabric in pink and a pretty green. They are perfect for your own daughters birthday party or to have to wear at other kids parties. You can get way more than one use out of it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me!

Hmm....I did not put Tegan in the bath tub and let him play for over 45 minutes just so I didn't have a kid hanging off of me....nope, not me!

Enough said about my past week!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A date with daddy

Yes, it starts early. Even at Rec. Dept. cheerleading they do homecoming. There is money to be raised and trophies and crowns to be won. We did not raise money b/c honestly there are lots more things in the world to raise money for than the rec. dept. that charged us $150.00 just to let her cheer. But we did pay the minimum fee and let her participate. Some kids walked with little boys and some with their dads. She wanted to walk with her dad!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

So I am joining www.mycharmingkids.net and doing the not me Monday carnival!

Today I did not put Tegan in the bed for a nap and then lay down and take my own nap while I should have been sewing....nope, not me!

I did not sit here on the Internet catching up on blogs while Tegan roamed around the living room being a dust buster of sorts...not me!
I do not care about all the blogs in the world, nor do I go down through my favorites and click everyday just to make sure someone hasn't updated since I last checked twenty minutes ago...not me!

I totally did not forget to change Tegan's diaper last night until I noticed his clothes were wet, what kind of mother would I be. Not Me!

O.k...so far today that is all I got.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Sewing Marathon

I have been crazy busy with orders lately and I am loving every minute of it. There is one thing I keep hearing over and over again..."I'm selling my stuff way to cheap!" That is my point...bringing cute, handmade items to mothers and women for less!

In the past week and a half I have made six special made diaper bags, 6 cheerleading bags and four dresses! I am working up a sweat just typing this. Here are a few pics of what I have been doing.

I have made a total of 11 of these bags for girls on Rylee'e cheerleading squad. I'm getting tired of these bags!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pillow Fight...

On a daily basis Tegan will have a very quiet fighting match with whatever he can get his hands on...a pillow, a throw blanket, the rug at the front door...you get the picture. Anyways I video him one day. Granted he was starting to slow down b/c he had already been battling this particular pillow for about 5 minutes. Who do you think won?

Notice all the empty boxes from where we had opened all his birthday toys...notice that he is playing with a pillow and not all those toys, go figure!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In Tegan Fashion

Me and Paul were standing in the living room discussing different ways that we could re-arrange our furniture, so naturally we were in deep thought. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tegan go past me while holding a toy but I didn't even realize that he WASN'T crawling until he fell. Then I realized that he was holding a little walking toy and zooming right along. Just 5 minutes before this I couldn't even get him to stand up and hold on to the toy....actually I was about to put it in his room for a while b/c I am trying to de-clutter the living room. He walked with this thing for about 10 minutes before getting tired. It was so funny b/c when he ran in to something and couldn't move forward he would just stand there screaming, you'll see in the second video! Sorry the video's are so dark but I was using my digital camera and there wasn't a lot of light on in our living room.

O.k. so the videos are much darker on my computer than when I replayed them on my camera but you get the idea!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

12 month review

Yes I know I am about three weeks to late on this one but business has been booming in the sewing area and I haven't had time to clean much less post.

Tegan had his one year check-up a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited to go in and show the Dr. all the things that Tegan is doing that he had prepared me that he would be way behind on. Well he didn't care...something crazy happened....he smelled Tegan's wet diaper and immediately became alarmed which then alarmed me. His urine smelled sweet, which apparently is a symptom of a disease called Maple Syrup Disease. O.k. now that you have stopped laughing at the name, this is a real disease with real consequences. The two main symptoms are the sweet smelling urine and developmental delays, both of which Teg has. So Teg was awarded a trip to have some blood work which was horrible as they kept missing the vein over and over again. Happily it was all for nothing and the blood work showed everything was o.k....I think his pee smells that way b/c he is so darn sweet. HA!

His stats: Length 30 3/4 inches, that's the 95% for height. Weight 23lbs and 7.5 oz, he actually dropped from being in the 95% for weight to the 55%.

We are going on a week and a half of being BOTTLE FREE. It is so liberating and sad all at the same time. We are done with fixing, feeding and washing bottles forever but on the other hand I don't get to sit and rock and feed him anymore. He loves his sippy cup which happened over night....the Tegan way. He is eating all solids except at lunch. For some reason he only wants fruit in the baby food form and some milk.

He is the best sleeper ever. He goes down for nap everyday at 12:00 and doesn't wake until a few minutes after two. Then he goes to bed at night at 8:30 and usually wakes around 7:45 but lays in his bed talking and playing until 8:30 am. He sleeps in his own bed and cries or sometimes doesn't cry but can soothe himself to sleep.

He is cruising along furniture and crawls so much that his knees are rough to the touch. I think he accumulates lint on him from all the crawling and then tries to eat it, along with everything else on the floor. If you have food or a snack....he wants it and will try very hard to get it. He loves his mommy and will not leave my hip. He is trying to show me where my nose is but he more like smacks me in the face when I ask him where it is. He only talks about Dada but I think he calls me dada so its o.k.

We are still behind on shots and it may stay that way. I will let him get a flu shot and get the last of his HIB shots. I think I will let him get the chicken pox one at 15 months. The dr. said he didn't want to give him any at 12 months since he will be getting a flu shot soon. I am thinking of postponing the MMR shot for a very long time. My research has showed some not good stuff so I am hoping to postpone the MMR shot until...well...as long as I can.

I can't believe it has been a year! What a great year!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hot.....HOT weekend in Georgia!

We had a busy Saturday so when Sunday rolled around the last thing I wanted to do was stick my head out the door....so I didn't! Saturday morning Rylee had her very first little cheerleading game for the Red Raiders. She is just so dang cute in that uniform. The game started at 10:45 Saturday morning so by 11:00 we were all so hot and miserable that I was ready to go and never come back again. Tegan wanted no one but me and when he had me, he wanted me standing with him. Paul did manage to grab him and run away with him before his screams started distracting the football players. These players are super cute. They are 5 and 6 year old boys playing tackle football.
Then by the time part two of our day rolled around we were in for a hot afternoon. Me and Paul took off to the beloved Georgia Game (Go Dawgs!) thanks to my friend Larkin. She had great seats and a great parking pass. Although it still felt like we walked three miles, at least we weren't those people that we saw walking about 5 miles before even getting to the parking deck! It wasn't really three miles...I don't think! Anyways, it was a good afternoon for football if you are looking to sweat all the toxins out of your body. GA killed them and the crowd was rowdy so that made for lots of fun. Plus we were entertained by the really drunk guy beside us who passed out and was basically laying on Paul at one point. I mean...how do you fall to sleep in a crowd of 90,000 of your closest friends. But we had fun anyways and we got some alone time....a.k.a so sweaty that we didn't want to be touching but yet forced to b/c people kept pushing us in to each other. Thanks Larkin for the tickets!

Below is the diva....she's cute and she knows it!

Mad at me for making her have a picture instead of playing with the other cheerleaders!

Here you get to see the Tegan I see most of the time.

And here I am telling Tegan that I am catching his fit all on camera for proof...notice he stopped! These were taken about 5 seconds from each other!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My last leg....

I love my baby boy....but I either need quiet time or a cliff to jump off of. The boy can't live without me not only b/c I am the one who feeds him, cleans him, etc...but b/c he truly has to constantly be able to physically touch me. I guess it is safe to say that we are in the throws of separation anxiety. Not just when I leave him but even if someone wants to hold him in my presence other than myself he turns in to complete panic mode. But lately he wants me sitting in one spot constantly in the living room. When I am up and doing stuff he is crawling around right at my feet screaming, pulling on my shorts and pinching the fire out of my legs. But you let me go set down in the living room floor beside the black recliner and the boy couldn't be more happy. Let me sit down on the couch and he falls apart, then I fall apart. In the words of Rylee tonight....Tegan is having a bad day or a bad week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sew Busy...

Yes I know I have used that sew in the place of so way to many times. I will try to make this my last time. So I have been crazy busy with sewing orders and have really welcomed them lately as money gets tighter and tighter with this booming economy. I have been very lucky to have a friend (Heidi) who seems to keep my business up and running. Between her, her family and her friends I have had tons to do. I am working on another order for another great friend and then I am caught up and will hopefully get some stuff done to put in a great little shop called Peyton's Place. Then maybe I will have time to get back to my ebay....who knows though...if the orders keep coming maybe I won't have to go back to ebay. I am working on a website right now that is mostly a host page that will lead you to my ebay store.
See something you like...pillowcase dress for little ones, tote bag, diaper bag, purse, etc.... leave me a comment. Stay tuned for a future FREE giveaway of one of my items.

Sweet Rylee in her eyelet dress.

Only the most popular fabric I have ever bought.

Regular diaper bag size or tote bag size.

My super huge diaper bag.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lesson from a fish....

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon we went to walmart and got Rylee her very first goldfish. We got home with it around 8:00, got the tank ready and watched him swim around soooo happy. WE also watched Rylee be so excited about her new pet.

Less than 12 hours after coming home with the fish.....
Dearly beloved we are gathered here today and you know the rest. Yeap that's right, the fish didn't make it through the night and Rylee was mortified by what she found this morning when waking up. We left it in the tank for a while b/c we were having a hard time convincing her to let us flush it off to heaven. We finally came to the agreement that it needed to be buried in the yard.....she cried like a baby! I on the other hand couldn't stop laughing at the eulogy that Paul was attempting to give. Last night he was telling her she should name it Now or Later....it was alive Now but it won't be later!
Rest in Peace Bella Pearl