Thursday, February 5, 2009

Etsy, Etsy, Etsy

So tell me etsy lovers, how do you get anything done? I find myself getting lost in etsy. I love to read the featured sellers and the "Quit your day job" post. I can sit here and read them for hours. My only problem with that is that I am reading instead of sitting at my sewing machine making things.
When I discovered etsy about 6 months ago I thought maybe I could just use it as a cheap way to display my stuff. See I sell a lot of my stuff locally and mostly by word of mouth. So I thought that etsy could be a place where I could post my bags and when someone calls wanting to know what I have made, I could just say to go to the Polka Dot Pixie and see if there is anything you like. But the more that I have used etsy, the more I like it and the more that I want to make a career out of it. Hints the reason I get caught up in all the quit your day job post. Anyways I would love to have my very own fabric shop on etsy b/c let's face it....I'm not disciplined enough to set and make enough stuff to support my family. I see other fabric suppliers that are making tons of sells and I can't figure out what is standing in my way. Where should I advertise? Who should I target? What fabric should I sell?
Oh...I forgot to mention that I don't really have a day job right now b/c after being home with my son for the first year of his life there was this horrible turn in the economy (you know the one) and there are no jobs to be had. So maybe they should create a section on etsy called Get a Day Job on Etsy and fulfill your fabric addiction all at the same time!

Anyway...let's share the love, any advice for getting a day job on etsy???


  1. I'm trying to make etsy become a "paying" job so that once my youngest is in school (2 yrs now) I can work from home full time doing what I love and not have to get a "real" job. If you decide to sell fabric, convo me. I buy almost all my fabric off of the fabric shops! Nice blog!

  2. I love your bags and fabric. I wish you the best!

  3. LOL - I was surfing the Etsy forums and just came up for air to find your post - ha,ha! Getting lost in Etsy describes it pretty well :-)

    Beautiful fabric, btw.

  4. What a great post! I use my shop to supplement my family's income (I'm a SAHM too). The best way, I've found, to make sales is to list regularly. I try not to renew, but instead list new things as often as I can (every other day). :)

  5. I love etsy!!! I currently dont sell...but have been thinking of maybe doing something! Its addicting even for buyers!

    You have super cute bags by the way!

  6. I can totally relate as I am in pretty much the exact same situation. I just keep sewing & hoping to break into the etsy sales world! good luck to you too.

  7. I, too, can get lost on Etsy and spend time reading instead of creating. Fortunately, I enjoy meeting other people and learning new tricks of the trade. Love your blog. Thanks!