Sunday, February 1, 2009

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I did not get pulled over by a cop for speeding (slightly) in a school zone last week. I most certainly did not have my two kids in the car with me and my six year old did not say she was going to throw up b/c she was so scared. The cop did not try to give me a speech about guarding my money by not breaking the law which would have resulted in me getting very smart with him and me and him having "words" with each other. When trying to pull away from the cop, I did not discover that I was stuck in the mud and that poor little old (nasty) cop did not have to physically try to push me out. Then he did not get in his car and try to push me out which would have damaged his front bumper with my trailer hitch. When he decided to call for back up to help get me out and made another comment to me, I most certainly did not tell him that this was God's favor that he was being so rude to me and now look at him standing behind my car trying to push me out of the mud. Karma Sucks!

My daughter did not proceed to tell everyone at a church meal the next day all about me "almost" getting arrested. She also did not inform everyone that I have a tattoo!

What have you not done this week????

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