Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Official

We all know that I am a Dr. right??? I mean the other night Rylee actually asked me if when I worked was I a dr. b/c I was so good at telling her when to cough to clear her voice with this cold she has. I told her no and she said that I should apply for one of those jobs. (More on the job thing to come in a post all its own) Anyways, I'm pretty sure the dude/dr. at Regional Firstcare knew what he was talking about. He thought I had an ulcer and after 5 days of intense stomach pain he wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way. Well I think he was right! All that headache medicine I take has caught up with me and apparently the news flash is that Excedrin migraine and Motrin (sometimes at the same time) are not really all that good for you. So I am now a prevacid girl and Tylenol all the way. He didn't tell me I could take Tylenol but with a little Internet research you can convince yourself that your either dieing or that it is o.k. to take Tylenol with an ulcer. The point is that my tummy is feeling so much better although now I have some sinus stuff starting. I blame it on the walking pneumonia lady sitting next to be at the regional firstcare!

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