Friday, March 20, 2009

Sue cow, come on baby!

I got a few outdoor pics of Tegan thanks to some good old Georgia sweet gum balls being all over the ground. He won't walk in the grass at Grandma's b/c he rolls around and falls on the sweet gum balls or whatever they are called that are on the ground. So he stood very still the whole time. Unfortunately for me he had just ate a Hershey kiss with a white shirt on and the white shirt didn't fair so well. Oh well...his little face is so cute. Miss model was all about having her picture made, as usual. Everyday Paul goes out and throws a little feed to the cows and takes Tegan with him. He loves it and says MOO the whole time. IN some of the pictures below he has his mouth open a little and his chest stuck out...that is him calling the cows!!! Rylee is pretty good at it. She still says it just like her papa taught her before he passed away, "Sue cow, come on baby!"

Tegan looks a little under the weather in these pics b/c he has had a fever...or b/c he needs a haircut really bad!

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