Friday, March 13, 2009

To split or not to split

I recently sought out the advice from the message boards about having two etsy stores: one for my handmade items and one for fabric. If you read my blog you know that my dream is to have an online fabric store. You know, to help with my obsession/addiction to buying fabric and possibly turn that obsession/addiction into a little money. When I asked if I should have my stuff in two separate stores I was told that having two stores is hard and it was compared to two children being ten times more work than one when you would only expect it to be twice the work. Well since I have two kids I knew exactly what this person meant so I decided against it. I have two blogs, this one and that one, and that is proving hard enough to keep up with both so I sort see the point about two etsy stores. My problem is that I am about to expand with more fabric but the people I send to my shop to look at my handmade items don't really care any thing about sifting through all the fabric listed in there also. They aren't always familiar with etsy to know that they can click the tabs on the side to go to specific category. So to get to my point....I'm thinking of opening up a second etsy shop that will only contain fabric sold straight from the bolt. I will keep and maintain my other shop but try to make it where people can navigate a little better.
This leaves me with two questions..
Does it make sense to open a second shop? Your advice?
O.k. so maybe three questions...
Now to decide on a name? I have a few ideas but I am open to suggestions or vote on which one you like. I was thinking of a spin off from this blog name or a spin off from my other shop:
Simply Fabrics (it has to have an s on the end b/c there is someone else on there that only buys items that is just simplyfabric. O.k. so I just checked and it would probably have to be simplefabric.
Pixie Dust Fabric
So what do you think? any other suggestions???

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  1. I've got the same problem right now - open a new shop or not. I change my mind everyday. Right now, I say open a second shop.

    I like the Pixie Dust name. I think that having similar shop names is a good idea.