Friday, March 13, 2009

18 months

So Tegan was 18 months a few weeks ago but due to the snow his original check-up date was cancelled and moved to yesterday. I went in very positive and happy to show the dr. what all he was doing these days as opposed to this time last year. He still is very cautious about Tegan and not wanting to be as positive as I am. I have decided to not let it get to me although I must admit that it did at first. He is worried about some sensory issues with him but I don't feel like that is it at all. Yes I think he may be sensitive to a few things but when he gets anxious his eyes move really fast and it affects his vision. For those of you joining us, Tegan has incurable eye condition which makes his eyes move constantly from side to side. It does affect some peoples vision but doesn't others. So far he only shows sign of a head tilt (meaning working to see) when things are far away, which is great. He goes to eye dr.'s at Emory for this although they can't really tell us a prognosis. I'm still counting on it just going away.
Anywho he encouraged me to do a little more research online about some therapies for this and I have found something of interest that is painless to him. My fear is that he has my high anxiety level when outside of the house or around large crowds b/c that is when his eyes move the most.
O.k. enough of that, the porker weighed in at 28 lbs 5 oz which was the same as his 15 month check-up. For the first time since his 4 month check-up he has moved from the 95th% in weight to the 70th%. On the other hand his height is 34 inches which moved from the 75th% to the 95th%. Looks like he is slimming up.
We are still WAY WAY WAY behind on immunization and I am keeping it that way for a while. He has finally gotten all his shots up until his 9 month shots and one shot he would have gotten at 12 months. I think we are 5 shots behind now. I am declining the MMR shot until the Georgia School System forces me in to it. But he will get his other shots once a month until he is all caught up with those.
He is running, climbing and in to everything. He is throwing tantrums right on schedule with his development. Sleeping 12 hours every night and taking a 2 1/2 hour nap every day. He still loves the pacifier which I don't see changing any time soon. He can say the following words: Dada, Mama, Ry Ry, I cold, I tired, Hot, Bye, sit (which sounds like a dirty word), Boots, Doc Doc, spoon, bite, bath, woof woof outside and the newest and cutest is See It!
He is mean! He likes to hit Rylee a lot but we are working on that. He is for sure all boy!!! Gotta love him. I believe that all children are miracles but I was sitting here thinking of when I thought I was losing him during my pregnancy and what my life would be like without him....unbearable to imagine.

The above picture was a have no fear moment for Tegan. I left him in his room for one minute and when I returned he had opened the dresser and thrown his clothes out in the floor. He jumped a mile high when I said his name!

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