Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Etsy Feature...

Yes I know I keep changing my Etsy Feature day but...well I'm not very good with time management. So you just have to work with me here. I wanted to find a feature who had left either a comment or is following me so I came upon this one.

I would like to introduce to you this weeks etsy feature (that was totally cheesy):

Manic Muffin

I absolutely love sewing and making anything with fabrics. I put a lot of time into my pillows and wall hangings. I am a bit of a perfectionist which isn't really a bad thing.
If you are ordering something that is quilted, it is always done by hand.
Since I do applique and quilt by hand I don't list new items everyday, because many of the items I make are so time consuming. I do however try to list new items three or four times a week.

Feather lil Hoot

Sweet CupCake Pillow

Spring Bouquet and Butterfly

I must say that I am a huge fan of the super cute Owl Pillows that are in this shop. They are so super cute!!!!

Please stop by and see this features shop. And either leave a comment or follow this blog to become the next etsy feature!!!


  1. The owl pillow is my favorite, too!

  2. The owl is adorable, but I LOVE the cupcake.

  3. Very cute, one of my favourite etsy shops too!