Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time Flies...

Looking rough on Christmas morning with no showers!!!

Well me and Paul celebrated our 8 year anniversary today with some take out and a meal with the kids...oh and did I mention three out of four of us are sick with horrible colds: Me, Paul and Tegan. We actually went on a date on Saturday night(alone) and went to a movie and out to eat. It was nice and I highly recommend seeing the movie Taken.

So I have thought back today about the last eight years. We have definitely been through a lot. I decided to list a few.
1. Between the two of us we have switched jobs 10 times...I know, unreal!
2. We have experienced a lot of family lose together: Our son, Paul's dad, both of Paul's Grandmothers, My aunt, my cousin and a miscarriage.
3. We moved once.
4. We were baptized together!
5. Have experience almost losing Tegan in pregnancy and then going through his developmental delays for a year...the unknown!
6. Three kids total!

There are so many other things and lots of ups and downs but things are good!
I am very happy to be married to him and love him very much!!!

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