Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today is the day...

Today is the day for you to pray. Tonight when you lay down in your bed you should stop and think of how blessed you are in life. I read a lot of blogs and one that I have been reading lately has struck me to the core. The hardships that have been sent to this family are unbearable but yet they still praise and glorify God.

I haven't had a chance to read a lot of the past blog entries to know all the details of what all has happened before the recent birth of this son. But I have read enough to feel what she is feeling. She lost a son whom was still born at 37 weeks...I think? I know how this is so heartbreaking for her and her husband. She became pregnant again and found out she was carrying her second son. This child was just born last week (full term) and has now been diagnosed with a very serious and life threatening genetic illness. This may or may not be what caused the death of her first born son.

His name is Jonah and he is so beautiful and so perfect. She must be feeling the aches in her arms all over again by not being able to hold him at this point and love on him the way she really wants. I can't speak for her but I know that had I had to leave the hospital without Tegan in my arms after having to leave without Cohen....the pain is huge. Tegan didn't have anything life threatening but was in the NICU and couldn't be held for 4 days. I felt that ache in my arms and that emptiness like I felt when I lost Cohen.

Today is the day that you pray for a family and a tough little boy that needs it. This mother needs to be lifted up. She needs peace to rest. She needs hope. This little boy needs strength and faith that he will be o.k.! Will you please say a prayer for Jonah and his family???

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