Monday, March 9, 2009

ETSY Feature!!!

Better late than never, even if it is a week late! Anyways I came cross this weeks feature on etsy the other day and had to feature it. It is something different than the normal. So here she is.....

Golden Shop

I am a stay at home mom to an amazing little girl and two stepsons! I have always had a passion for sewing and crafting. It started all the way back when I was a child. While my sisters were playing with barbies and toys, I would make an entire circus scene complete with tight rope and swinging trapeze out of nothing but plastic animals and a roll of scotch tape! When I was in Junior High and all of my friends were out shopping and hanging out I was enrolled in sewing classes! I even asked Santa for a sewing machine at a young age!

This love of all things creative bloomed even more when I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise. After excelling in textiles, sewing and pattern making classes I became obsessed with creating! I really had no outlet for this passion other than scrapbooking until we welcomed my amazing little girl into the world in September 2006. It was for her first birthday party that I got serious about my creativity! I made tanks and hair clips for the goody bags, my daughter's first birthday bib, and a pretty high chair cover all in addition to creating her invite, decorating and personalizing flower pots and sippy cups for all the children. After seeing the response I got over something I just made for the "fun of it" I started to make more and more projects. I gave them as gifts to my daughter's friends, my friends having babies, which then turned into my friends buying them off me for THEIR daughters' friends, and THEIR friends having babies! Next thing you know the word of mouth spread and I was receiving emails from complete strangers asking to buy my creations after seeing them in forums, friends' blogs, and hearing about me from others! I was amazed! I am such a perfecitonist that I never thought that my stuff was good enough for others to like, let alone for someone to pay for!

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I can't get over the talent this feature has. She has an awesome eye for creativity. This is a true etsy artist!

Custom Made Pink and Green Chenille Personalized Birthday Party Hat - Your NAME appliqued

Pink Chenille Personalized Party Hat with any number or letter - I CAN CUSTOM MAKE ANY DESIGN OR COLOR

Custom Made Party Hats and Presents First Birthday Chenille Personalized Baby Bib - Your choice of number or letter

Stop by and show some "buying" love for our feature this week Golden Shop!


  1. Oh, my goodness, this shop is just adorable!!

  2. I love the fluffy party hat! She has amazingly unique things in her shop.

  3. After working closely with Rachel for months, I can't even stress the great quality of her items and her creativity. As she says, she is a perfectionist, and it DEFINITELY shows in her work. She is amazing and can create ANYTHING you ask her to...believe me...I keep testing her just to make sure, but she ALWAYS delivers and then some.