Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So let me just start by saying that Tegan can throw a fit like I have never seen before. If you take it away, move the wrong way or say the wrong thing he will let you know. Well he is definitely a creature of habit thanks to his beautiful and perfect mom(hold your comments)....that would be me. The other day he was wanting something to drink with his snack. Well he always drinks juice at this time of day and only at this time of day. The rest of the day is all milk. Even though I still water down his juice I didn't want him drinking it that day b/c he has a horrible rash from the antibiotics for his double ear infections that he still got after having tubes put in....oh wait, we weren't talking about that. Anyways his little bum was red, swollen and looking pretty painful so I was thinking that juice with acid in it may burn. Apparently Tegan didn't get the memo or he just didn't care. Everyday he drinks his juice from one of the same two cups which weirdly are completely different from the look and brand of his milk cups...weird I know but I have created a monster. So I got him the cup and put just water in it thinking I could trick the kid. He took one drink and literally threw the cup across the room. In the video below he is standing at the counter where we keep the cups at and wanting a new one b/c that one didn't have juice in it. Well I finally did put the smallest amount of juice ever in the cup but by this point he was just mad and didn't believe me. The fit lasted for about 5 (felt like 20) minutes and I only caught the very end on video. Notice how he knocks the cup over out of meanness. Also notice at the end when he decides to give it one more try and like magic....everything was right in the little bubble world of Tegan. This was a very mild fit and not nearly as bad as when it started but I thought the end where he picks up the cup and realizes and run was just to cute not to post! Enjoy!

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