Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

So Mckmama suddenly will not be doing a not me Monday today as her sweet Stellan has become very sick. Things are moving fast and he isn't doing very well. For those of you who don't know, it was said that Stellan would die in his mothers womb before birth but was born a healthy baby and has been up until this point. Please go over to MckMama and send some prayers up for this little guy! I had already done my Not Me last night so I will go ahead and post it.

Well it has been one of those weeks. You know where despite the best efforts of this self proclaimed germaphobe, everyone seems to be catching the cold that started with Rylee. Rylee is recovering, Tegan is miserable, Paul thinks he is going to die and I will be bringing up the rear with some symptoms starting as we speak.

On to Not Me!
I am not totally obsessed with Jon and Kate Plus 8! I also have not been reading all the gossip about them having marriage trouble that is plastered all over the Internet and staying in denial about it. Well when I didn't catch the preview for this weeks (tonight if your wondering at 9:00 eastern time) season finale I was not devastated that it seems that they are about to confess that something is going wrong with their marriage. It was very dramatic. I have not stressed over this all weekend and even called both my sisters and did not ask them that if Jon and Kate divorce doesn't that mean none of our marriages can survive??? I would never be so worried about reality stars that I don't even know!!!! Could that be a way to get more people to watch the show. Anyways I will not be sitting in front of the t.v at 9:00 tonight waiting on the outcome.

I did not go in to Rylee's room while she was playing outside and spend 2 hours doing a massive clean in there. I also did not promise her when she came in once that the stack of toys in the floor where going to be available for her to go thru and decide what she wanted to keep. I did not then proceed (while she was outside) to put all of that stuff in bags and hide it in Tegan's closet and then tell her that I decided to keep it all and I put it all away in their proper places. She did not believe me!

Your turn...

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