Friday, March 27, 2009

Loving these...

Since I have gotten so behind on everything and haven't found the perfect weekly feature I am going to use this post instead of my feature this week.

I recently made a trade with another etisian and am soooo pleased with the final result.

I know these aren't the best pics and doesn't show how beautiful these tags really are but hey, I was trying to do it while a 19 month old was steadily trying to grab them...we are just lucky there are no little fingers in the picture.

I think everyone who has any sort of craft that you make money from should have some super cute tags! Let's show some love and all stop by Karisma's Scrappin and Craft Corner


  1. they look very sweet, Pictures aren't too clear. But still good!

  2. Those tags are beautiful. They complement your shop wonderfully.

  3. Those are adorable! Great trade!!!

  4. Those are really great tags!!