Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's the hold up

Well I know I have been MIA for a while but with all the snow and no power for what felt like forever, I have been playing catch up around my house. Not to mention I have a new addiction. I call it bib fever. That's right....I have been making baby bibs like crazy. Every pattern I found was either to big or to little so I sat down and drew my own. It was just right!
Why have I inherited this obsession you might ask...what you didn't ask, oh well I think I will tell you any, I was at one of those trendy and super expensive boutiques the other day and saw some cute bibs sitting out on a table. When I picked them up to look at them I could tell they were handmade and had that special touch so I checked out the price...$16!!!!! Do mothers really pay $16 for a bib??? Not this mother. So I thought I could make them and perfect them and sell them for half the price. It's not the exact same shape bib as those but I wanted some unique and original so that's why I created my own. Here is some pictures of some of them. I am slowly adding them to Etsy.

I love these bibs!!!!


  1. Adorable bibs! I'm partial to the polka dots.

  2. WTG on your design. It looks like your having fun mixing it up with all the different prints.

  3. They really are adorable. I love your choice of colours and fabrics. You've got a very nice, and consistent style.