Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It snowed! That's the Good. It snowed a lot....which brings us to the bad. The power went out...the ugly!

So it started Sunday with rain turning to snow. Then the snow flakes became rather large and this white stuff began to pile up on the ground, trees and power lines. About an hour in to it the fun was over when the power went out. Exactly 52 1/2 hours later, we got power back. We went to Paul's mom's house whose power was also out but she had a wood stove that hadn't been used in like 20 years. We got it going and for the next two days we used it for heat and a way to warm something to eat. All of this while our food was spoiling away in our refrigerator and freezers at home. Finally at around lunch time Tuesday we literally paid for a hotel so that we could get our first showers in days. We heard the power was on so we headed back this was a bad joke. About five hours after that it finally came on at 8 pm Tuesday night. I guess we are some of the lucky ones b/c some people are just now getting it back on in our area and some people have heard that it will be Friday before they have power again. Thank goodness I got to come home! Tegan and Rylee were both so glad to be back home in their beds and me and Paul could have done a happy dance! Who cares that it was like thirty degrees inside our house when the power came on....we came straight here! I'll leave you with some pictures...

This one was right when it will notice the snow gets a whole lot thicker as it goes!

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