Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Feature

I always love finding features for the week but I just seem to look at them all to long and totally run out of time!

So here she is...(we need a guy one week)

Works of Art by Sara

Hello, I'm an artist living in the beautiful state of California with the best boyfriend, one could ever have; and my lovely lazy cat.
Art has been my life long passion. I have been fascinated by color from the time I arranged my first 36 color set of markers according to hue. Memories of childhood walks in the park are filled with awe of the bold colors. I have my BA in Art and love all sorts of arts and crafts. I paint what I love, feel, or need in life and what I find intriguing. I love colors and try to play with them. My art is always in changing, growing and experimenting. Continually capturing new forms, styles, experiences in a variety of mediums. I have a passion for life and the works it inspires. I have both an emotional and spiritual connection with each piece I create.
To find out more about me, please visit

My website :
My Blog:

O.k., so I the blogger, have a huge attraction to her art work of this little girl! So that is what I am focusing on. You can't help but love these.

ToadStool Cutie

Honey... Bee

Garden Path

How can you not love this artwork!!!! It is so awesome. Stop by and visit her shop soon!


  1. Her art is so whimsical! I just love it. I felt like a kid again while looking at her work!

  2. I've visited her shop before, and her work is so cute!

  3. It is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  4. ohhh, thanks a bunch for featuring me on your blog. I'm honored :)

  5. What a great shop!! I love the bottom painting! I will add a link to your blog on mine under "etsy bloggers". That way I can find you again.