Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When Mommy is sick

I wanted to title this "Mommy Down" but I was sure that most of you wouldn't realize that I had gotten that from my obsession called Deadliest Catch where they yell "Man Down" or "Greenhorn Down". Seriously, they have been showing a marathon for the last four or five days of this show and since I just got in to it I can't stop watching for fear I will miss something important. I think Saturday I watched it all but about three hours..ALL DAY LONG! I have even stayed up until 1:00 am watching it. Crazy I know but I can't help it...it seems to relax me and make me forget that I have a really huge test at school tomorrow. I think Paul was afraid he was going to have to disconnect the satellite just to get me to stop watching it.

OK...that was not what this post was about but I can't stop thinking about it. In fact, I woke up this morning sick. Like the kind of sick where you let your kids pull your house apart b/c you can't stay out of the bathroom. When I would have a wave of nausea all I could think about was those boats rocking in the ocean on deadliest catch and I'm pretty sure it was making me sea sick. At one point, I passed out dosed on the couch and had a dream that I was sea sick on one of the boats and there was no way off. CRAZY!!!! Anyways, while I was sick the kids took full advantage of me but yet they took no pity on me. In fact they fought and fought and fought today and made sure to come in the bathroom while my head was hanging over the trashcan and tell me about every right or wrong move their sibling was making. I wanted to cry, in fact I did cry! I felt horrible and couldn't get it together. My kids didn't get breakfast until around 11:00 and even then it was just toast. Poor Teg ate a pack of crackers for lunch while leaving a trail from one end of the house to the other. I still somewhat feel the need to vomit and my head hurts on one side of my head but at least I can set up now. As soon as Teg went down for scream time nap time, I crawled in the bed. Rylee caught me in a weak moment and asked if she could do anything she wanted while I napped and I of course said yes b/c I was hallucinating about a boat and rough seas. Needless to say she ate all our snacks and moved her bedroom in to our living room floor!!! It seems that the world falls apart when Mommy is sick:)

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