Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A boy with a marker...

Just yesterday my little man was a baby. Today he is growing like a weed and writing on everything in my house with this marker (see it in his hand)...can you say BUSTED!!
When I asked him why he had that marker in his hand he gave me this sweet little look and managed to stay out of trouble.

Lucky for him Windex removes marker off of a TV screen. Let me trade that marker for this little car. That's better!

Until he realized it wouldn't write on the furniture:)

Then he got distracted and asked me to take a picture of his new flip flops! He is so super proud of them and expects every person he encounters to tell him his shoes are cute! He had been wearing Rylee's pink flip flops around the house so when we went to Academy recently I found these. The only pair of these in the whole store and they were his size! I couldn't believe it. To top it off, they were only $5.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! Totally busted. Whew. You could have had a huge mess!

    I'm so excited to have won a camera strap of yours from a "Mom of 2 boys". I love the reversable one with stripes on one side and pink, brown and lime green flowery things on the other! Can't wait!
    You have so many really cute things in your store! Yay!
    :) Jen