Monday, June 14, 2010

Church Camp

Let me just start by saying that it is H-O-T in the great state of Georgia. When you are outside you instantly sweat to death! It hasn't been this hot until recently so a little over a month ago when I had the great idea of registering me and Rylee for Buddy camp at a near by church seemed like a great idea! Buddy camp is something that THIS camp offers for young children so they can see what going to real church camp is like. It just lets them get familiar with it while having their parents along for comfort.
It really is an awesome and God loving place. They had WONDERFUL food, lots of great crafts, awesome music and a really nice pool. Although I'm not sure if I was wet from being in the pool or sweating so much. It was just so hot and if there is one thing I can't handle it is the heat with no relief! The cabins are actually pretty nice too and at least they have a window unit A/C or else I might have died.
Rylee really seemed to love it. She especially loved all the singing with Faith and Melody. We packed a lot in to that little overnight trip and ended the night with a little bonfire singing. It was nice to be with Rylee without anyone else to worry about and to get to watch her experience something new. It was also nice to be away from cell phones, TV and computers even if it was just a little less than 24 hours. We really enjoyed North Georgia Christian Camp and think they are awesome!!!
Love my Rylee Bug! I don't look to bad in the above picture considering that I didn't sleep AT ALL the night before!!

Total concentration needed for the crafts!

This was taken before she asked me to put down my paint brush:)

All the kids from our church that went to Buddy camp.

My sister-in-law (my hubby's sister) and her daughter also came and sweat to death enjoyed camp for the first time.
I hope that one day Rylee will be willing to go back on her own but I don't see that happening in the next couple of years. She was dead set that she would never go without me b/c she would miss me to much. I'm pretty sure as she approaches the teenage years she will change her mind.

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  1. LOL...I can't stand it when I look around and see those women whose hair is perfectly dry and I look like a crazy woman who just stepped out of the shower...glad to know I'm not alone.