Friday, June 11, 2010

Invasion of the FLIES

We are being invaded. Both of our porches are covered with flies and every time the doors swing open it seems like 50 flies invade our house. We have swatted and cried (mostly me when I couldn't sleep b/c I feared one would get in my mouth...apparently I sleep with my mouth open). It is crazy how many there are but misery loves company and I am glad to know that all the neighbors are invaded too...if they weren't then I would fear we had the case of the nasties. Anywho I made a trip to walmart this morning and bought all kinds of killing stuff for flies. I plan to beat these little devils one by one. Inside of my house I hung this up

I have yet to see any flies sticking to it but I'm holding out hope. My mom swears by them but we shall see.

I then bought this other little thing that you fill up with water and hang outside. There is a bag of "bait" hanging inside to lure in the unsuspecting aggravating creatures. I have it hanging by the front door but no flies yet! Maybe I can pray them away:)

Wish me luck in my obsession to rid my life of flies!!!

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