Sunday, June 20, 2010


About six years ago I bought this super expensive and very modern looking comforter set for our bedroom. At the time that I bought this comforter our room was red. Not pretty red but a dark red. One day I woke up, opened my eyes and decided I couldn't wake up to that red ANYMORE. So I painted it. The whole room all by myself. I painted it a much lighter neutral tan color with plans of totally redoing everything in there. Well that was almost a year ago and nothing else ever changed. I liked our comforter set but the problem is that it is basically the same color as our walls. OK well that isn't the only problem....the real problem is that I swear that thing weighs 100 lbs. I mean you would have to grunt really hard to help you pull the covers up on the bed. I am a back sleeper and for six years I have slept with my feet cocked to the side every night b/c the comforter was to heavy for me to keep my toes pointed toward the ceiling.
My feet are very happy now b/c I took $29.99 of my birthday money, went to target and bought me a lightweight quilt for my bed. Its nothing fancy and turned out to be a little brighter than I thought it was but I LOVE IT! I thought my hubby would die b/c of how bright it is but he seems to like it too. I then took our two old throw pillows and recovered them with some black and white damask fabric that I have. I tried something different and made them with the open flap on the back so I can remove them and wash the fabric. I love those too! It turned out really good. Now if I can just talk myself in to some curtains:)
Here is a picture of the color of the old comforter
See how it is the same color as the wall! (don't judge me about that picture that has fallen in the frame...once I finally got that frame up there I was scared to take it down to fix the picture so I just left it character I think.)
The new throw pillows!

See how bright...

This picture below makes it look not so bright but don't be fooled.... I do love it though we were so use to a super heavy comforter that we kind of felt like we were using a hotel comforter for a few days until we got use to it. Target had lots of great colors and all of them, from twin to king, are $29.99. We have a pillow top queen mattress but I had to get a king quilt so it would hang down enough on each side.

Now everyone run out and get one:)

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