Thursday, June 24, 2010

She's wonderful

My little lady is approaching her half birthday. She will soon be 7 1/2 years old and is ever changing. She probably has the most personality of any one human being that you have ever met in your life. But the very very very best things about her are that she loves EVERYONE she meets and she is super resilient.
She loves EVERYONE she meets....she does not judge. Even at her age she still doesn't see color, size or social status. She is full of kindness and ready to please. It has filled my heart this week at bible school to watch her. I have always noticed this quality about her but never so much as I have this week. I have watched children choose not to play with certain kids b/c of their appearance or for other reasons but not my girl! She makes sure that everyone knows they are loved. This is the best quality I think she can ever have and I try to compliment her on it often in hopes that she keeps this.
Being Resilient...If someone chooses not to play with her or is rude to her, she doesn't dwell but just moves on. I know that one day she will lose this b/c that is just the nature of the world. It is a blessing that kids are this way b/c I have watched kids be really mean to each other. I can only pray that Tegan is this way.
I love my little lady with all my heart and I think she is probably the most awesome person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing....I hope one day she can say that about me!

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  1. How your post about your baby girl ;-)