Tuesday, June 22, 2010

April Rose

Dear April Rose (aka chicmomentscom on etsy),

It was so great to have you take interest in my product that I have in my etsy shop. It was also really awesome of you to teach me to not trust ANYONE on etsy ever again. I mean, it was really smooth how you waited until your item was marked as shipped and then try to say I have made no contact with you and have your funds held through paypal. Oh and paypal is really great too since they let you do that. Since I am the one that doesn't communicate with you, I guess all SIX of the emails I have sent you with no reply are getting lost in cyberspace. Have I told you how awesome you are?? Thanks again for your purchase and since you didn't really pay for your wonderful handmade item, I'm sure you will enjoy it that much more. Hope you, your brand new camera strap and some really huge Karma have a really great life together!

Polk Dot Pixie


  1. oh no! that stinks big time! not all etsy buyers are as crappy as this one!!! your camera straps are super cute btw!!!

  2. Well, that's just WRONG! But, I must say that I LOVE your post - great way to look at a bad situation! :)

  3. Wow that is awful! That is not fair!

  4. What a pain. What goes around comes around