Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Don't Wanta Grow Up...

Well that isn't entirely true. Tomorrow (or possibly today...depending on when you are reading this), June 10th I will be the big 3.0.!
Don't worry, I have no plans to slip in to a deep depression nor does it bother me one single bit to be turning 30. I guess once you have been married for over 9 years and have two kids, your pretty much considered old already. Seriously though there are a whole lotta things that bother me but one thing that I have never gave a second thought to is getting older. It is way better than the alternative so I am just thankful to have been on this ride another year.
This past week my body has given me leg cramps, my chest hurt after jumping in a pool over and over again and my bladder showed me that it isn't what it once was while jumping on the trampoline with Paul and the kids. You should have seen us to oldies trying to jump on the trampoline...we needed oxygen tanks about 30 seconds in to it. Even with all that I know that I am blessed. You see there have been several years in my 20's that I haven't felt all that great be it physically or mentally. I had some huge pain and coping issues after having my first child at just 23 where I experienced chronic pain in just about every part of my body for 11 straight months. Then there was the mental stuff that lasted around two years after losing our son, almost losing another son and then worrying that something was wrong with him once he made it here safe. You see...I look forward to my 30's. For me it is promising and full of new things. My 20's was my time to marry and have my family. Now my family is complete (unless you count that little girl that I want to adopt one day that my husband says no to but I keep talking to God about it and I'm pretty sure I will win). My husband FINALLY has found his career and seems to love it. Then here I sit uncertain of what I am going to be when I grow up but going to school just in case I figure it out and feeling like I can be anything I want to be. I feel good and feel blessed to be healthy, happy and not hungry!!! Well I'm hungry a lot but atleast I have food in my house to eat. So does turning 30 bother me...only if I wake up tomorrow and can't get out of bed!
Have a blessed day because I know I will!!!

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