Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Fun Day...

I wish this was going to be one of those post where I talk about how awesome life is and how every detail of my life goes just as I have it planned out in my mind...sorry to disappoint you:)
We got a slow start this morning but decided to be spontaneous and take the kids to do something a little fun. Let me just start by saying that we are typically homebodies...we just don't stray far from home but every time we do it just makes me love my little old house that much more!
First we didn't leave here until around lunch time. My husband had this bright idea that going to eat at this little BBQ place in the middle of nowhere would be a great idea. Well it wasn't that bad of an idea b/c the food was really good once we finally got there. He drove all over the world to get to a place that should have been a straight shot. Then I spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom with Tegan while he couldn't decide if he needed to pee or poop and then decided he didn't need to do either. Tegan had a clear snotty nose when we woke up this morning....more on that later.
So we ate and then got back on our way but once again we went backwards to get where we needed to go and that landed us right in the middle of a storm. I don't mean a little rain and thunder but a storm that literally came out of nowhere and included strong wind, heavy rain and hail and some bolts of lightening that will make you wet your pants. We had to pull in to a gas station and sit for a while which was just awesome since Rylee and myself are terrified of storms. The fact that the car was literally swaying in the wind was an added bonus. Then it stops...we start driving again. An hour later we get to our destination, the Greenville Zoo! OK this is the part where it is all roses and wonderful unless you count me sweating a gallon and feeling like I had been swimming. If you live anywhere within driving distance to the Greenville Zoo you need to go. It isn't a huge Zoo and you won't see as much as the Atlanta Zoo but it is so worth it. For all four of us to get in it cost us $15.75....which is cheaper than just one kids ticket to the Atl. Zoo. It is beautiful, shaded and NOT CROWDED! Literally besides passing a few people here and there, we had every exhibit (is that the right word) to ourselves. The kids loved it! Two hours later we were back in the car and realized that we had a little boy with a fever. He knocked out and poured snot the whole ride home which entailed dear hubby driving like a lunatic. Seriously, there is something about going 80 mph that makes me fear for my life.
We get home a little after 6:00. My husband decides that going to shop a little in Athens with a feverish child in tow is a good idea (not sure who left him in charge). Rylee screams and cries b/c we have ruined her she doesn't want to go anywhere. She literally cried like a two year old except she's not....she is 7 1/2 years old!!!! Plus she is a girl, somebody needs to teach her to like to shop! So I gave Teg some meds and we headed out. This is the part where there was crying, screaming and power struggles and then there were the kids:) No seriously...I know little man didn't feel great and Ry was tired but for the love of mercy why can't these kids just act normal and be quiet. Teg wants to walk which means he wants to run away from us in busy parking lots. Rylee wants to by lots of stuff but yet nothing that she needs or will even use. There was one point in Academy when I tried these flip flops on Tegan and he screamed when I tried to take them off....I literally had to muffle his screams by placing my hand over his mouth which caused even more stares. Seriously, don't people realize that I am covering his mouth b/c they are looking at him for screaming but yet I get the evil eye for trying to ease the blow. Anyways we went TWO PLACES and didn't get home until 10:00 pm! I'm not even sure we came home with anything we intended to go get.
We get out of the car and the kids are admiring the super full moon that we are having (which explains a lot) but Tegan has something else on his mind and decides that the super full moon is really a white (?) balloon that he let go of outside one day on New Year's Eve!!! It is his balloon, he wants it and expects one of us to fly right up there and get it. What makes it worse some clouds started floating in front of it and it looked broken up so he starts screaming that someone is breaking his balloon. He was dead serious and meant that he wanted that darn balloon and apparently screaming and throwing himself on the ground was the say to get it. So by this point he has snot, tears and drool streaming down his face. Let's just say a bath and bedtime couldn't come fast enough.
So that was our attempt at a wonderful family day which I guess is exactly what we had....we like to keep it real!

I will post the wonderful Zoo pictures tomorrow...I'm tired!

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  1. Found you at Mom of Two Boys. Love your camera straps!
    The Columbia Zoo is our zoo of choice also. We live about 2 hours away. We are going later this summer. I look forward to seeing your pics!
    Nice to meet you!