Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunbeam Bread

Does anyone reading my blog work for a bread place...not sure what to call them? If not then maybe those people over at the sunbeam bread place pay a person to just sit at a computer and google "sunbeam bread" all day and maybe they will find me.

There is nothing I hate more than to open a fresh loaf of bread and it be starting to get hard already. I mean, I just bought that dang bread yesterday and so I decide to have a fattening chicken sandwich tonight and I open my newly bought bread to the feeling of hard crusty bread. I'm a sunbeam girl. In fact I always believed that one day they would want to update that girls picture on the pack with mine. But for the past six months I have continued to be loyal and buy it even though 2 out of 3 loafs of bread are hard, old and not worth eating. I mean it really ruins my bacon super healthy egg white sandwiches in the mornings. So if you work for sunbeam bread could you please find out if I should just start buying wheat bread like my husband tells me to or are they just excluding the soft ingredient due to the economy and this will improve when Obama fixes everything???

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