Monday, May 4, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

IS BACK!!!! MckMama and Stellan are back at home safe and sound and she is getting comfortable back in the blogging world again with Not Me! Monday.

I did not fight with my husband twice yesterday all about food!!!! I mean, I don't even really eat that much!

I did not almost forget to let the tooth fairy in to our house before going to bed the other night. Had I forgotten this would have been horrible as it was the very first tooth fairy visit to our house ever!!!

I have not been purposely scheduling Tegan's immunizations on Wed. at 1:30 just b/c I was informed by their staff that Wed. at lunch time is total disinfect the office day so when we go in at 1:30 we are the first patients in the recently sanitized area. It smells so clean!!!

That's really all I got for you today! I'm tired!

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