Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Rylee started piano lessons back in January. Any one who knows Rylee knows that her favorite thing to do is perform....mostly singing. So she decided that she wanted to take piano lessons. Then she decided she didn't but we pushed her through that sudden change of heart and now I am so glad that she did it b/c she is starting to really take to it and seems to enjoy it. She had her very first recital this past weekend and she did wonderful. She played the complicated two hand version of Twinkle Twinkle little Star and did it perfect. She was so proud of herself. She was even prouder that her Nanny brought her a rose!!!

I rallied and somehow managed to get her a recital dress made at the last minute. It turned out so cute. They had to wear either solid white or solid black so instead of spending money on a dress I just made it.

Pretend playing!

I love her dress and yes, her mommy made it!!

Take one like this mom!!

Not the best picture but I wanted her to remember that I was a part of her life b/c I am always behind the camera and never in a picture.

Below are just of few of Rylee's supporters at the recital. I didn't get Amy and Brian for some reason. Larkin was also there but we were sitting very far apart. I did get a picture of Rylee with her daddy but he would appreciate me not putting that picture on here.

Much better Darrin. Melissa (aunt Meme), My mom(nanny), Pop, Rylee and the precious rose!

Rylee and Grandma (Paul's mom) and of course the rose.

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