Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rebel with a cause

I want one of these....

I mean I really want one. To the point that I have subliminally bribed asked for one for Mother's Day and my upcoming birthday for the next three years. Yes they are super expensive but I still want it. I am a practical person, with practical needs. I never buy myself any thing (well maybe sometimes but nothing big). I never take my children to have their pictures made b/c one it cost to much and two I just forget. So I thought if I had one of these I could take really awesome pictures of my kids and of Shannon's new baby so that she will know that she exist before the age of two!!!! This is a professional level camera that the digital imaging specialist (that's what she called herself) at Best Buy said is so hard to use....maybe so but I want it. I really want it. Paul(aka the man with the money), do you read my blog????


  1. Let me tell you, I have had the Rebel XSI for maybe 6 months now (and I am no expert photographer by any means!) and I have found it fairly easy to use! You just have to play with it. You can even check out my pictures on my blog and my shop, the newer pics speak for themselves! I am very happy with it, so don't let that digital imaging specialist be the one to talk you out of it!
    Good luck!

  2. Looks good!!! I hope you get it!!!!!

  3. I love this camera, too! I hope you get one, and me too!