Friday, May 29, 2009


Kind of sounds more like s_it hank when it is being said by my 22 month old.
Have I ever mentioned that Tegan loves Hank or atleast he loves Hank from a distance, get him to close and Tegan is not much of a fan. He loves him to the point that he looks out the back window of the house that faces Hank and yells at him throughout the day. Lucky for Hank he doesn't hear, not so lucky. Anyways I think he thinks all dogs are named Hank. When we are outside playing and let Hank out to run, Tegan thinks he should run after him yelling "S_IT HANK!" It's all very cute in a weird sort of way (you know, the fact that my kid is saying a dirty word very loudly where all the neighbors can hear).

I think Tegan was trying to lure Hank in to trouble!!

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