Friday, May 22, 2009

Kindergarten Build-up

All that hype about starting "BIG KID" school and boom, in the blink of an eye it is over. I can't believe that little miss to cool for her own good is going to be in first grade. We are in so much trouble that she is growing so fast. Her legs have gotten so long lately that I fear in another two years that she will be taller than me. She had two awesome teachers in kindergarten and she loved every minute of school. She learned all of her sight words well before the end of the year and can read any book you put in front of her. She loves to write stories and even won 3rd place in a writing contest out of the entire (5 classes) kindergarten. It was a story all about her brother. So sweet!!! She is so well rounded and adjust in every situation. She is nice to everyone and even when they are mean to her, she doesn't realize it. She is an amazing child and we are so blessed she is ours!!!
Always fabulous....even on field day!

Two of her best buds in her class

This is the little boy in her class that she says she is going to marry.

Field day fun on a water slide!!

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