Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Immunizations Complete!!!

When Tegan was younger and having tons of developmental delays his pediatrician quit giving him all of his vaccinations until we could figure out what was going on. So he got the two month ones on schedule but after that he didn't start getting anymore until almost a year old.

Now I am not one of those mothers who thinks we shouldn't vaccinate at all but I am one of those mother's that thinks 3 or 5 shots all at one time is way to much for any Body to process much less a baby's body. Immunizations do cause autism, they don't cause autism, who knows, etc... this is what we hear in the news everyday and none of us know what to believe. So I have to say that I was totally over joyed when the pediatric neurologist Tegan was seeing suggested that he NEVER get more than one shot at a time as to not overwhelm his little system. See if you choose to do one shot at a time just b/c that's what you want then Insurance may not pay for it but if a Dr. suggest that you do it that way then insurance covers it 100%. We fall in that "the Dr. suggested it" category and for that I am thankful. So we have slowly been getting shots here and there and about three weeks ago they said that he only had a few more to get so we have been going every week for three weeks and finally we are all caught up! Well except for the MMR shot. I am putting off that shot until there is a measles, mumps or rubella outbreak he starts preschool and they force me to get it. I feel like that will give his little body time to recover from all these previous shots he has had and hopefully there will be no issue with it. I'm not a Dr. (although my family thinks that I think I am) but this is just my decision after all that I have read over the past almost two years.
It's hard to know what to do. With Rylee, I never thought twice about getting her the shots on schedule so I assumed it would be the same with Tegan. So when the pediatrician and neurologist suggested that we should air on the side of caution it definitely set alarms off in my head. Tegan is doing awesome and no longer showing any delays so I truly think that I should have no fear. But I'm just not ready to do something that I can't take back.
I'm just glad all these shots are over and I don't have to keep going in to the Dr.'s office and risk getting pig Swine Flu!!!! (that was a joke people....well, kind of)

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